Dorien Bryant Tells All

Arguably Boston College's most talented signee in the recruiting class of 2007, Dorien Bryant has been the subject of many rumors over the past few days. Bryant answers all in this exclusive interview, and reveals something very interesting about his future plans.

As many of you know, I spoke with Eagle commit and speedster Boston College and his excitement for his upcoming four seasons in Chestnut Hill.

A few days ago, rumors began circulating that Bryant was rethinking his decision and was in the process of signing with North Carolina State, a school that he turned down during the recruiting process.

So, on Thursday, I called the wide receiver from Swedesboro, New Jersey, and asked him the question he has heard quite a few times since Wednesday. His direct response to the question will please Eagle fans, but he did mention something else that could deflate the hopes of those looking forward to a lineup of DB and William Blackmon returning kicks this fall.

Dorien was busy when I called him, so I got right down to the money question, to which he responded with immediate laughter. He added, "I heard about that yesterday. It's funny because stuff just pops up and nothing ever comes from me. I know nothing about any of this."

I was please to hear that, but then Dorien, unprompted, dropped the bomb: "I may to go to prep school, but it never came up about me going anywhere else." Fortunately, he added that if he were to go to prep school, the plan would be to remain committed to Boston College.

From there, we returned to the NC State rumor, as we both thought it was funny how he had heard about the rumor only shortly before I had. To that, he said, "It was really funny yesterday because I got a call just riding down the street after school and my friend was like ‘there's a thing posted on the Wolfpack site saying about how you are going here and doing this' and I was like ‘oh wow.' You don't understand how many calls I got yesterday about the whole thing."

Dorien emphasized that it was just a rumor and that "Nothing like that is planned. I never said anything about it."

Reassured that DB will not be transferring to a possible future ACC rival, I returned my questions to the prep school possibility. Dorien said that his is still unsure whether or not he will have to prep next year, but that he will know shortly.

As for the reasons, Dorien said, "I really went through a funk a little bit come around December. I messed up and I got real sick and I have been in and out of doctors offices. I really missed a lot of things. It's a lot of different reasons."

He added that, "[prepping] actually works out better for me. I can play now. Don't get me wrong, I'll play against anybody, but I don't know if I will exactly be physically ready to play. I can't redshirt because I can't sit out of football for a year. There is no way I could do that. With the whole prep thing, it would give me time to get better physically and academically, I could always get better. And I could still play football."

So, in my brief interview with Dorien Bryant, I got much more than I bargained for. He insisted that he will not be attending North Carolina State and remains firm in his commitment to Boston College. However, we might not see him on the Heights until Fall 2004.

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