Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, NC -- Several Wolfpack players met with the media following the Pack's win over NC Central on Sunday night at Reynolds Coliseum.

Scott Wood

"You are going to have some games like that. I'm just glad it came down to crunch time and we kind of finished it out. I think the last five minutes we kind of got a little cautious at times and I think we need to keep the pedal to the metal."

"It's a game that you can learn from and definitely improve by watching."

"We know that they have a lot of players that have transferred in from really doug programs, they've been at this level and played against this competition so they know what to expect."

Richard Howell

"They are definitely a dangerous team and they are a lot better than they've been in the past. We just wanted to come out and fight hard. Coach Gottfried prepared us for this, we kind of figured it was going to happen. We knew they were going to fight but luckily we were prepared enough to come out with the victory."

"With three fouls I just can't be as aggressive going for blocks, trying to go over people's back. I have the teammates that can pick me up and back me up when I get in foul trouble."

"That definitely gets our attention, we're pumped we can't wait to play Syracuse. We don't want to be too overconfident but we're confident that we can go in and take care of business if we play hard."

C.J. Williams

"We want to win the right way, you don't want to win ugly games all the time. You want to win the way coach wants you to win. A tight game like that you want to have your best free throw shooters shooting them and we got Scott to the line."

"I watch the Indiana/Kentucky game. I was focused on beating North Carolina Central first, now that we're moving on to it it is a great opportunity for us to put ourselves on the map."

"We got passive, we didn't play to win, we played not to lose."

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