Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the Pack's loss to Syracuse on Saturday night at the RBC Center.

Mark Gottfried

"Let me start off, first thing I want to say is they are pretty good. They're pretty good. Obviously we're disappointed, we had a great opportunity here tonight and at times we did a lot of things really well. For us, the issue is sustaining that for longer periods of time."

"If you had told me before the game that they were going to shoot 25 three's, I'd have probably taken that. What they showed me tonight is that they can win in score in different ways because they are really good going to the basket and tonight they did a terrific job from behind the three-point line. At times our team did a lot of really good things we just couldn't sustain it for long enough periods of time."

"Yeah, and you know to be honest we have to figure out [C.J. Leslie's cramping issue.] I don't know the answer but again I thought he was playing well. Once he eliminated those turnovers he did a lot good things for our team and then he's gone. It's not his fault, it's not his fault, but of all of sudden here it is the crunch period of the game. We need to find an answer there. We've brought in specialists, we've talked to everybody. I don't know the answer right now."

"I think in a lot of areas we're better. One thing I told our team, there's not a lot of teams in the country that have played the schedule we played. The tough part is we don't have a glorious record to show for it, but it's not how you finish December it's how you finish in February. We're challenged every night. We're going to be battled tested come ACC action and we are getting better in a lot of areas."

"I've had teams that have great record in December and hadn't pissed a pound in January and February. I had a team at Alabama, we were 7-6 and had to go on the road to Kentucky and Auburn and next thing you know later on we're in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. It's part of the year. We're improving, we just need to keep ourselves on track."

"I think [C.J. Williams] is just getting better. He's getting better offensively and at times defensively he's really good. I thought he got tired late in the game. What he's doing is he made some three's tonight, which is great. When Syracuse extended that zone really high we put Scott at the top of the key and we ran C.J. right through the middle, he can make that shot. He got in there and did a great job with that. He's doing the things he does."

"Again, let me say this, they're pretty good now. I've been around a lot of good teams and that team right there might be playing on Monday night in April. We did a lot of good things tonight, we just didn't do enough."

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