O'Brien: Pack back in the 'swing of things'

RALEIGH, NC -- Tom O'Brien spoke with the media on Friday afternoon to discuss bowl preparation, graduation and Louisville.

Tom O'Brien

"They were a little sluggish this morning with the change in routine but they were good this afternoon, they were good last night."

"Getting back into the swing of things and trying to get our skills back after exams."

"Well after I got waxed my first year against Colorado - one of the things I did was I spent too much time getting ready to play that game instead of trying to become a better football team."

"We'll take two days prior to going to Charlotte to work on Louisville. For the most part we haven't shown the team a lot. The coaches are working very hard to get to play this game."

"You have to do a little bit before you go to the bowl site because its hard to get it done at the bowl site. But you can't do too much that by the time they get there they are bored with the opponent."

"They are similar to us - whereas we got guys healthy and guys back in the line-up they played so many freshman that as the season went on the freshman got more acclimated to the game and played a lot better. They did a great job - they won five of their last six."

"It's great for this football team and great for our fans. They are excited about going to this football game. Everywhere I go, it doesn't matter. People stop you at gas stations."

"It speaks well for Wolfpack nation in general and certainly will help us down the road when selling tickets is a question of going to bowl games. And we are finished - keep buying them, let's fill the stadium."

"You only graduate from college once, hopefully - they get to do it tomorrow. So I had them all stand up so the freshman know anything is possible, they can graduate too."

"It's a great day for them, if they can make practice - some guys get done by noon and they can make it. If they don't that's fine with us they should enjoy their day. I think we have 16 or 17 guys who are graduating."

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