Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, NC -- Several Wolfpack players met with the media following the Pack's loss to Syracuse on Saturday night at the RBC Center.

Lorenzo Brown

"I think that's probably the best they've shot from the three point line since they started playing. We weren't expecting that and it kind of hurt us. That and our turnovers."

"We never give up, that's our motto. We talk about it every game. If we're down at halftime we have to come back. They kept that momentum going from the three point line and they got my respect, for now."

"If they are shooting like that from the arc and they are a driving team it's impossible to stop."

"I feel like they came in thinking they would have an easy W, from the start. And we just jumped out on them and in the second half we made another run. They are the No. 1 team in the nation and they proved it."

Scott Wood

"They did a real good job of moving and getting back really quick. They are long, active – they are a really good defensive team."

"Just being able to get out on the break – I didn't even realize it was 23 points. I came into halftime – I wasn't sure what we were down – it was pretty quick. They did a good job of wrecking havoc on defense and scoring easy points."

"Sometimes when they make their run we sort of put our heads down and play the blame game. We just have to keep our composure and know that's the way basketball is played."

"We are probably one of the teams that has played the toughest schedule so far at the beginning of the season."

"There is still a long season left."

CJ Williams

"We could have definitely guarded the ball a little bit better and cut down on the penetration. Then we won't have to help and then their shooters won't be open for shots."

"They seemed to be in tune with what they wanted to do when they were trying to execute their game plan. They were able to penetrate and kick out to shooters."

"It is disappointing – you never want to lose. But we are still learning how to win right now. I've heard coach tell us that we need to keep learning how to win and learning what its going to take to beat the good teams."

"You have to learn from the past – learn from the mistakes you made last year or in the last game. Cut down on those and learn to play at a high level through out the game."

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