Gurley Talks MVP Performance, Recruiting

Tarboro (NC) tailback Todd Gurley capped off his career with an MVP performance in the Shrine Bowl, and now he'll turn his attention to finalizing his college recruitment.

Tarboro (NC) RB Todd Gurley is one of the top remaining uncommitted prospects in the state and his stock rose even higher after a 119 yard, two touchdown rushing effort in last weekend's Shrine Bowl. Pack Pride sat down with him after the game and got his reaction to the game and the latest on his recruitment.

Talk about the game and how it went.

It was just a bowl game and it was about coming out here and having fun. I met a lot of new friends and us coming out and being able to get the top people in the state of North Carolina. In the first half we did pretty good but penalties killed us. In the second half we came out strong and we got the win and just represented the state of North Carolina very well

How was the ankle during the game?

My ankle, I sprained both of my ankles during the playoffs but when it came game time I was ready so it didn't bother me. I felt it a little bit but I just had to go out there and do what I do.

What is the recruiting situation right now?

UNC, Georgia, Clemson and NC State are the four. No leader (at this point).

Have any new schools contacted you


Do you have any upcoming visits scheduled?

No sir

Do you still plan to decide in January?

Early January

Is there anything anyone can show you that can set themselves apart?

I really haven't been thinking about recruiting too much because I had to come here and learn a lot of plays and just have fun. Eventually I'll have to start thinking about that.

Do you like running out of the wildcat formation?

Yeah, that was pretty cool. I got a little tired but it was cool.

Did you know before you arrived that you'd be running the wildcat?

Yes sir but we weren't really sure if it was going to work that good. But we ran it and we just got a lot of yards off it so it was just a good thing.

Is it your plan to fly out to Phoenix and announce at the all-star game out there?

Probably or I may come back to my school with my family and my teammates and do it there to show my appreciation.

Were you feeling any pressure from your teammates that were recruiting you to go to their school?

I know today they were just like, come to Clemson, come to UNC, come to NC State. It was just having a lot of fun. They weren't really pressuring me. It was just picking a little bit about coming to their school.

Talk about Georgia

Just great coaches. Then, by being down there three times it was lovely. It's a great community, the program and everything about it. The cafeteria, I love that food in there. I could see myself (there) so that's why I'm considering them.

Has Keith Marshall been recruiting you?

Yeah, he's just talking to me, sending me a couple texts. He just tells me he wants me to join him in the backfield there.

You roomed with K'Hadree Hooker this week. Was he recruiting you for State?

Yes, he was. It was him, M.J. (Salahuddin) and James Summers. It was all of them. I played with them and throwed up the little Wolfpack sign so it was just having a good time. They weren't worrying me too much about it.

What do you like about Clemson?

It's just a chance to go in there and be around great players. The coaching staff, I like them a lot. Just having the players here that are committed to Clemson and talking to them. You know Clemson is a great program and I always wanted to play for Clemson growing up.

You visited State for the Indiana (basketball) game. What did you think of it?

It was good. My coach, he was a big Indiana fan so it was really for him to see. But it was good just to go there to see what the atmosphere in the off season is like.

How was your official visit to State?

It was good. Me and K'Hadree Hooker took that visit so it was just to see everything that they have to offer me and then being able to spend more time with the coaches was good.

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