George Bryan Q&A

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior George Bryan received his degree on Saturday and talks about it with Pack Pride.

How does it feel to be a graduate?
It feels awesome. I have nothing to worry about but football... that's it. [Laughing] I'm going to have a big bonfire with all my school stuff in it.

What did you major in?
PRT... Tourism Management.

How has practice been going? Do you feel like you're picking it up at the right time?
I don't feel like we've had a lull in practice at all. Those last two wins have energized this team. It's showed the team, it's showed everybody that this is how we've got to practice to win at this level.

We've built on it... the energy in practice is so much better than it was at the end of the season.

Your team has fed off a home crowd during the month of November.. You'll be playing the bowl on the road, but it could almost be a home game given the location and ticket sales.
I feel like we're definitely going to have an advantage being in North Carolina. State fans are the best in the nation, I believe. You can put that anywhere you want. I believe that.

They are going to travel well and be loud, like always. We'll feed off of that.

Thoughts on Louisville's defense.
They are really aggressive and fast. They've got some young guys in the back, but they can play. We're going to have to come and bring our 'A' game.

Both NC State and Louisville ended the season with winning streaks. It looks like both teams are going to come in confident... Louisville had to win a stretch of games to get bowl eligible too.
That's what coach was telling us, they are just as hot as we are, if not more. They've won five out of six or something like that, which is a credit to them. They've played well.

It's going to be a good game.

Looking back at the Maryland game, was there a point when the switch flipped on for you guys?
I definitely think... obviously we were just all dead in that fist half. At halftime, me, [J.R.] Sweezy, and some of the other guys got to talking to the team and let them know we didn't want to go out losing our last [game] here.

The guys picked it up. We rallied around each other and you saw what the results were.

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