Cole: "I Had A Good Time"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior linebacker Audie Cole talks with Pack Pride heading into his final game for the Wolfpack.

What was the Maryland game like for you and the defense?
We knew we could stop them. We knew everything they were going to do, but for some reason we couldn't put it together at the beginning. We could tell you every play they were going to run, but we just couldn't do it.

I knew we could stop them. Coming out of the half I think we all had an idea that we would show up in the second half, but we were so far down I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to make up for that.

Obviously you're thinking, "I don't know if we can make up what we had given up," but somehow we did it.

It was electrifying, the crowd and everyone. That definitely helped out.

Obviously the coaches talk about how important the bowl practices are for the younger guys, but what is it like for a senior like you?
It's nice watching the younger guys play a lot, and it kind of gives you a break... less reps.

Bowl practice is, I don't want to say very fun, but it's more fun than regular season practices. Guys are learning and we get to laugh at the freshmen... watch them make their mistakes. We have a good time with it.

Are you used to the routine by now?
We do the same thing. It's the same as all the practices. Nothing has really changed, and we're used to the routine. I think the freshmen are used to the routine too, but they are just getting more reps now.

We're back to regular practices now getting ready for the game, but it's an important time.

How important is going to a bowl game for those younger players?
It's important. I don't think you can pinpoint what people learn, but the more reps you get, the more times you do it, the better you will be.

What are your thoughts of Louisville based on film?
They have a running quarterback. It's not like he's looking to run, he's a guy who is looking to throw the ball, but he can run if he needs to.

They've got some young players, but they seem to be pretty good for their age. The are kind of a lot like us. They've played good in some games and in some they didn't play so well. You may not know which team will show up I guess.

Were you frustrated after some of the late-season games thinking back about what could have been?
Some games. Obviously we're not the best team out there so we're not going to play every game [like the North Carolina game]... we just can't do that. That's what you strive to do, but those teams that do it are playing for the national championship.

We couldn't get it done for some games, but I think overall we did a pretty good job. We lost some that we probably shouldn't have but probably got away with some we shouldn't have.

I think overall we had a pretty good year. I had a good time.

It should leave a good taste in your mouth, winning five of seven... ending the year strong.
It seems so long that you forget about what happens at the beginning of the year so you really just remember the end.

I'm happy with the way we finished. You can't change what you did at the beginning. We finished pretty well. I'm proud of that.

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