Glennon's "Incredible" Season

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State offensive coordinator Dana Bible talks with Pack Pride about the bowl practices, Louisville, Mike Glennon, and much more.

What are your thoughts on Louisville's defense?
Their defense is impressive. The scheme is multiple. The scheme is attacking. They are coached real well.

What's happened is that with the success they are having they have a lot of confidence. You put those factors together, and we've got our hands full.

Both teams come in to this game hot and with confidence. Does that make it really fun?
Absolutely. That's why you bust your tail all year, to get the championship and then to get to the bowl.

You want to play against the best teams. We tell our guys that every opponent in a bowl game is good. The reason is they have been successful, and they expect to win.

Some of the players have said that bowl practices can be strange. What's it like for a coach?
It's a combination of preseason and regular season. We get with our guys, there is no doubt we're working on a gameplan for Louisville, our opponent that's coming up.

Equally, we're developing for the future as far as looking at the young players for the first time.

We're now in the phase where it is just Louisville. Previously it was like spring ball... camp. We were preparing for the future.

Did Mike Glennon exceed your expectations for this season?
For a first-year starter, I think he has had an incredible season. His growth as a quarterback has, to be honest with you, been fun to watch.

That's really all you can ask of any player, learn from their mistakes and grow from their success... keep building, going in the right direction. Certainly that's what he has done.

He was really on in that Marylad game. What was it like for you?
We really didn't have time to figure out who was on or who was off because we had got ourselves in such a hole. We had to get to work fast.

That's something for him to build on, but no moreso than what happened at Florida State. At Florida State, honestly he grew probably more from that experience.

That's a good thing.

What is your favorite aspect of going to a bowl?
I think it's really fun for my family, and I really cherish that. The families have a lot of fun at the outings, just the bowl itself.

You get close to your players... you pretty much live with them for six or seven days. You get to know them even better, see different parts to them.

It's really a great experience.

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