Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the Pack's 78-44 win over Delaware State on Wednesday night.

Mark Gottfried

"First of all tonight, again, was a good team effort, a good team win. I'm proud of the fact that our guys focused in on this game. It's easy to start thinking about ACC play and I thought our guys did a nice job of handling that situation tonight. Now it's time to turn the page and get ready for the next step."

"For right now, we're playing good basketball. That gives our team some confidence, but again, things can change quickly, as we all know. We are playing well and better than we played early, I do know that."

"This team needs to play a certain way where we execute offensively, take good shots, defend the right way. We've been staying pretty true to that. Now we just need to continue to do that. Even with a large lead we still played the game the way our team needs to play it."

"We're going to probably make a decision real soon, there is a strong chance we could make the decision to redshirt him. He's had lingering issues with his shoulder, we're at that point right now where that decision needs to be made pretty quickly. Probably [before Sunday], we just need to sit down with our doctors and figure it out."

"Calvin has been very receptive all year. Most of the time, he's played very hard, his shot selection has been pretty good. At times, like every player, he may take one or two that maybe isn't the best shot. I just want to keep him on track with that. His percentages are higher than they've ever been, field goal percentage, free throw percentage. I just want to make sure he stays the course because he's doing a lot of good things for our team right now."

"Early on, we were still tinkering with our substitution pattern and we played Tyler, Jaqawn at the wing and we subbed Alex one for one, just for Lorenzo, and his minutes weren't as good. Now if I bring Alex in for C.J. Williams and then I'll bring C.J. back for Scott Wood and Scott back for Lorenzo. In that stretch Alex plays a solid six, eight or 10 straight minutes. The longer he's in there he gets a little more comfortable and he gets better. I don't think anything is different with him, I just think he's gaining confidence."

"Yes. I don't worry about [depth]. Every team is different. I've had teams that play eight or nine guys, we went to the elite eight and played seven. We won a national championship at UCLA and played seven guys. Right now, with our team, this is the way this particular team needs to play."

"When the ball goes in the air each night, we have 16 opportunities is what we have. Our non-conference schedule we missed a couple of opportunities where we could have won some games and we didn't, but our strength of schedule is very good. I don't know if there is a magic number but we're going to have to win a lot of games. You have to take each individual game on each night and play it out from there."

"We're not a great team, we've been at the bottom of this league for a long time. It's a dogfight for us every night."

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