Martrel Brown Qualification News and Update

NC State linebacker signee Martrel Brown gives a spring update to StateFans.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with the 2002 Shrine Bowl Coach, Harold Robinson. I asked him to give me his input about the NC State signees he had coached last December and the first name that popped out from Coach was "Martrel Brown."


Coach Robinson did nothing but heap praise about the Purnell Swett linebacker. "He is what you look for in a linebacker. You can't out run him. We clocked him at 4.5. He is also a super kid. UNC and the others missed on him. Sometimes you have to take a chance on kid and from what I know, he was close to getting qualified. NC State stayed right with him and they are getting a good one."


NC State did indeed stay with Martrel and Martrel stayed after the SAT until he got his score. He told StateFans he was looking forward to his NCSU future. "I graduated and I qualified on my SAT. I've just been working out and practicing and stuff like that. They (NC State) have not sent me my work-out yet, so I am still doing my school work-out. I'm benching, squatting, running and power clean and stuff like that. I want to go up (to Raleigh) in July. Coach Williams is trying to work something out for me. I want to go up and work-out there. If he can't work things out, then I will just go up there in August."


We also asked Brown about the Shrine Bowl experience. "I loved the Shrine Bowl. It was a good experience. Because every player there was basically one of the top players in the state and it made me feel good that I was a part of that. I think that was one of the best North Carolina teams there ever was."


Other future Wolfpackers also shared the Shrine Bowl experience with Brown. Mario Williams, and Ernest Jones were teammates on the North Carolina squad and according to Martrel, they played a key role in his selection of NC State last January. "When I first saw Mario Williams, he told me he was going to NC State. I was like ‘man, I got to go'. Both he and Big Tank, we called him Big Daddy, were big influences on me. I looked up to those guys. Those guys are my role models. I feel like if I go there with them, we can combine and we can be like another Shrine Bowl team. We can get on the field together. NC State has a young team but it's a team on the rise."


When asked if there was any one team he looked forward to playing next year as a Wolfpacker, Martrel was quick to point out the third game of the season. "Ohio State! I am ready to play it. I hope get up there and go to practice, practice hard and they like what they see. I can get some kind of playing time. I would love top play against everybody but especially Ohio State. I would love to be on that field then."


Brown is looking forward to the challenges that await him in Raleigh and he hopes to be on the field sooner rather than later. "I hope I get to play. I need to lose about 10 pounds. I am at 240 now and I need to be at a steady weight of 230 or 235 to play at linebacker there."


Besides working out and thinking about his future at NC State, Martrel also threw the Shot this spring for Purnell Swett. "I threw the shot put. I went to the State Finals and finished fourth. My longest throw was 50'2" at the State. For the year my longest throw was 52'."


Brown finished the season for Purnell Swett with 165 tackles, 12 sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 2 recoveries.

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