Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the Wolfpack's win over Western Carolina on Saturday afternoon.

Mark Gottfried

NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met the media following the Wolfpack's 82-55 victory over Western Carolina Saturday. Gottfried said State defended "with a purpose" better than it has at any point in the 2011-2012 season.

"Let me just start off, it was a good team win for us. I thought in the first half, for that first 20 minutes, and maybe the first 10 of the second half, that's maybe as good defensively as we've been this year. We defended with a purpose more than we have. We tried to take specific things away and I thought our guys executed that. That was a real positive for us today."

"Richard [Howell] played 22 minutes today and had 14 rebounds. That's his third straight double-double. Offensively, he's been really efficient around the basket and he really is the guy that's initiating his break with his rebounding. We need to collectively rebound. I hope our team doesn't fall into the mindset that he's going to get every one and they are starting to leak out a little bit. He has rebounded the ball very well."

"What's happening for us right now a little bit is that Richard is rebounding, Calvin is running. You have Scott running a wing and C.J. Williams running a wing and now there are all kinds of options for Lorenzo down the floor. A lot of the credit goes to Richard because he's the one more often than not that's securing the defensive rebound."

"[C.J. Williams] is playing with a great deal of confidence. What I like about our team, we had five guys in double figures today. C.J. Williams has had some big nights. C.J. Williams is playing as good as he has ever played, in his life. That's going to be something that is going to make our team hard to beat."

"Coaches say this, you get these cliches but it's actually true. We have to get to our next game and concentrate on that. When you look at the big picture you want to see your team getting ready for that second stage which is league play. That means are you settled in to a good rotation, which I think we're getting there. Defensively, I think we're improving. Offensively, we made 30 field goals and had 25 assists. I've been around a lot of team and that doesn't always happen. We're doing some things well we just need to continue to get better at every part of the game."

"If you're fortunate enough to be in the NCAA Tournament you have to play two days later. It was a quick turnaround for us (following Campbell game Thursday) but I thought our guys did a great job yesterday in practice. We didn't go long but their attention was zeroed in and that's what you want with a quick turnaround. That showed some maturity."

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