Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Pack's win over Western Carolina on Saturday night at the RBC Center.

CJ Williams

"They actually beat UNC Asheville by 23 the other night so it was definitely a game you have to stay in. We did that defensively in the first half and to start the second half."

"This is a good step for us getting ready for ACC play."

"You can get better at everything but the main thing right now is to get better defensively because stops lead to our fast breaks and that's where we feel like we're best offensively."

Scott Wood

"When our defense is rolling our offense is rolling. If we can get down in a stance and get stops and know the scouting reports I think we'll be a good team."

"Coach Gottfried does a really good job feeling it out and knowing when to make the moves. When we're in a good flow he leaves the players in, if it looks like we need a breather he'll sub us out."

Richard Howell

"I just feel like it's my stamina, my stamina is getting a lot better. I'm not getting tired as quickly and I'm able to stay in the game longer and finish the rebound out."

"It definitely did. I lost the weight but I was still getting tired a lot quicker. The running that the coaches have us doing is definitely helping us in the long run even though it's hell to do. It's definitely helping us."

CJ Leslie

"We just came out and had a good time with this game. We came out here and guys were very unselfish and we're obviously getting ready for our conference play. It was fun."

"It's always better to go ahead and get it over with and just get it out of the way early, don't let teams stick around."

Lorenzo Brown

"We noticed they put their main guy, Mutombo, at the four so we have to go small. It helped us more in the transition area and we just beat it their defense."

"During the Campbell game we kind of slowed up on our defense. This game we got our minds right and focused a lot."

"Richard is a monster on the glass. The coaches always tell us he needs help down there. He can't get all the boards, but he just goes after them. He goes after every rebound he can."

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