Josh Powell Update: Headed to NBA for Sure?

Ex-NC State Basketball Player Josh Powell is participating in the NBA Pre-Draft Camp this weekend and StateFans reached's Aran Smith for an update on "J.P."

StateFans caught up with's Editor-in-Chief Aran Smith for an update on the draft status of former Wolfpacker Josh Powell

"I think Josh is in a difficult situation and may have received some bad advice," Smith told StateFans.  "Right now, I think he will go anywhere from early second to mid-second round, but if he had returned to college he could have went high in the first next season.  I do know that Josh had a very good workout in San Antonio and they have late first and second round picks, but other then that I don't know specifically where else he's tested well."

Smith feels the camp will have a big influence on where Josh will land in the draft and wonders why he made his decision when he did.

"Josh has signed with an agent and it makes you wonder why he did that before the Chicago camp.  At this camp he would really have a chance to gauge his expected 'range' and by signing before the camp he's taken away any chance to withdrawal from the draft and return to N.C. State."

Recently while making a decision as to remain in college or not, Josh has been working out in Florida with personal trainer David Thorpe.

"David Thorpe is a personal trainer based in Florida," Smith said.  "He works with all types of players by targeting areas they specifically need to improve on.  I know that he really likes Josh Powell as a prospect, and he thinks the world of him.  The thing about Josh is he has a huge upside but is just raw right now and the NBA teams know this."

Although it's obvious that Powell has a nice upside and some skills, it's clearly evident that he should be returning to NC State for his junior  season. 

"I don't know specifically what went wrong and why he decided to stay in the draft," Smith said.  "But after signing with an agent then we know he can't return so he has to be serious about the draft now.  The good thing is that Josh has a great work ethic and has the type of talent to make it in the NBA, but he may have to go to Europe first and develop his game before being ready to play on the NBA level."

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