Leslie: "It Doesn't Matter Who Scores"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore forward C.J. Leslie met with the media to discuss Sunday's game against Maryland.

C.J. Leslie

"I remember it was a close game, a good game that came down to the wire."

"We really haven't got a chance to really focus on them yet. We've been focusing on all the games we've played in so far... now the focus is to get prepared for them, start studying them and see what they do, see what they have. Now is that time."

"Last year is last year. Obviously we've got a lot better. You can see that as a team and as individual players. We've had a lot of changes and now we're continuing to get better and leaving the past in the past."

"We have some great fans. I'm sure they are going to be out there that night and supporting us."

"Everything just seems so bright, the lights. It's going to be a good experience."

"They had a great coach and I really just liked what they were saying to me, but obviously I came to the school that I thought was best for me."

"It's like this. The open guy gets the ball, the open guy takes the shot. If you see a guy open, just give him the ball. It doesn't matter who scores."

"We all get the win and get to enjoy the win. We have to stay focused on what's really real, and that's winning the game."

"It doesn't matter who scores, who does whatever, as long as we win that game, everybody can enjoy that. Everybody can't enjoy you scoring points."

"We had to instill that in our mindsets and really believe in that."

"We have to focus on winning the game before thinking about what we're going to do after the game."

"[Terrell Stoglin is] quick. He's crafty, he can get to the basket a lot. He's got the dribble-dribble, pull-up. We have to get down and guard him."

"He's going to be one of them we focus on."

"[Alex Len] is going to change how people attack the middle. You have to be aware of him."

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