Brown: "Our Record Is 0-0 Right Now"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore guard Lorenzo Brown met with the media to discuss Sunday's game against Maryland.

Lorenzo Brown

"[Terrell Stoglin is] one of the top leading scorers. Of course he's going to be a challenge."

"I'm definitely guarding [Stoglin]. I'm not running from him. I'm not worried about [him running around the court]. I'm used to it."

"He's a very quick guard, and he can put up shots. You don't see too many guards shooting as much as he does."

"I haven't had a chance to guard a point guard like that yet except for the guy from Delaware State. I'm looking forward to it. It's a new challenge for me."

"Coach puts a lot of pressure on us about making the right decisions."

"The Syracuse game, that was a big game for us, and they came out and showed us why they were No. 1."

"They see we are doing well and they want us to do well."

"I was reading up on something yesterday about NC State having lost 10 straight. We're not trying to make it 11."

"Now that I know, it's a big deal."

"What do I remember the most? Their fans chanting at C.J. because of that poem he wrote last year."

"That was a tough one because we were so close to winning that game. We just gave it away like it was just nothing. I felt bad after that one."

"Of course. I've noticed like Scott sometimes might give a headfake and pass it to somebody else. I've never seen that from Scott before. I think C.J. does the same thing sometimes, feeding the ball to Rich in the post. That's a good feeling, having my teammates share the ball like that."

"Richard, he's just as dedicated as anybody on our team. He's tough to keep off the glass because of his size. And he's athletic now, so what can you do with him? As long as he keeps doing what he's doing he's going to be a problem in the ACC."

"It's good to have that feeling that he knows where I am all the time."

"Coach told us we have to win 11 conference games to go to the tournament, so we're taking it a game at a time. Our record is 0-0 right now."

"I've got a little more comfortable with everything."

"It's college. High school is nothing like this."

"Yes, I definitely agree with that. I've come out and tried my hardest. I've watched a lot of film on guys that has helped me as well. Ryan leaving hurt me because he had to sit out a year and I didn't really want to see him go, but things happen."

"We always talk. He tells me he's sitting back and watching the guys play."

"She comes to every game. She supports me just as well as she supports Ryan... it's good to have that feeling with our family staying that close."

"Being aggressive, physical, and playing great defense. I know Stoglin is a scorer, and Pe'Shon can pass the ball, he can find the open guy. Mosley, he's a great scorer too."

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