SHOT CHARTS: Lorenzo Brown and Glen Rice

NC State guard Lorenzo Brown and Georgia Tech wing Glen Rice played major roles in the outcome of Wednesday's game between the Wolfpack and Yellow Jackets. Here is a closer look at their performances with our shot chart feature that we will be utilizing for conference contests.

NC State guard Lorenzo Brown and Georgia Tech wing Glen Rice Jr. played major roles in the outcome of Wednesday's game between the Wolfpack and Yellow Jackets. Here is a closer look at their performances with our shot chart feature that we will be utilizing for conference contests.

NC State Sophomore Guard Lorenzo Brown

Brown had an up-and-down game for NC State in the loss against Georgia Tech. While he posted solid numbers (13 points, six assists, and three rebounds), he had issues finishing in the paint.

Here is an in-depth look at Brown's offensive scoring chances in the loss.

1st Half: 16:19- Lorenzo Brown hits a 3-pointer at the top off the key off post-up kickout pass from C.J. Leslie. FG (1-1): 3 Points

1st Half: 13:05- Brown catches an outlet pass on the wing after blocking Glen Rice's jumper. Coming down the sideline in front of Georgia Tech's bench, he uses a crossover dribble to free himself up for a pull-up floater that he missed. FG (1-2): 3 Points

INSIDE THE BOX: Lorenzo Brown
Categories Totals
Minutes Played 35
Points 13
Field Goal Attempts 4-11
3-Point Attempts 1-2
2-Point Attempts 3-9
Free Throw Attempts 4-4
Rebounds 3
Blocks 1
Steals 2
Assists 6
Turnovers 4

1st Half: 9:56- Brown receives pass on the left wing and dribbles around a screen from DeShawn Painter. Brown gets the switch with Daniel Miller and attacks the basket, missing a pull-up floater in the lane. Brown was bumped on the play. He had Alex Johnson wide open on the wing on the play but didn't make the pass. FG: (1-3): 3 Points

1st Half: 5:00- Brown dribbles off a Richard Howell screen and hits a pull-up jumper at the free throw line.FG: (2-4): 5 Points

1st Half: 0:03- Brown gets a high-ball screen at the top of the key and Tech center Daniel Miller switches on him. Brown drives to the baseline and airballs a tough floater over Miller to end the half. FG: (2-5): 5 Points

2nd Half: 16:58- Brown drives the length of the floor and misses a contested layup in the paint. FG: (2-6): 5 Points

Lorenzo Brown Shot Chart

2nd Half: 11:37- Brown catches on the wing and attacks the middle of the lane, missing another contested runner. Very good defense by Mfon Udofia on the play. FG: (2-7): 5 Points

2nd Half: 9:39- Brown misses another contested drive in the paint, attempting to finish with a finger roll over the top of Daniel Miller. FG: (2-8): 5 Points

2nd Half: 1:44- Brown hits a behind-the-back, crossover pull-up jumper over Rice on the right wing. Tough shot, great move. FG: (3-9): 7 Points

2nd Half: 1:04- Brown gets a switch with Miller on him off an inbounds set. He drives to the basket, drawing a help foul on Brandon Reed. Brown hits both free throws. FG: (3-9), FT (2-2): 9 Points

2nd Half: 0:58- Brown draws another foul on a pull-up jumper. Hits both free throws. FG: (3-9), FT (4-4): 11 Points

2nd Half: 0:07- Brown hits a pull-up jumper in the lane over Rice. FG: (4-10), FT (4-4): 13 Points

2nd Half: 0:01- Brown steals the ball from Brand Reed, but misses the three-point attempt at the buzzer. FG: (4-11), FT (4-4): 13 Points

Parting Shots: Looking at Brown's shot chart, it's easy to see where he had his issues, in the paint.

He knocked down four of the five jumpshots he attempted, with the lone miss being a deep 3-point attempt at the final buzzer.

Where he struggled was finishing around the rim and with his normally reliable floater, a shot he has consistently made this season. It seemed that Brown was anticipating contact before it occurred and didn't look to finish strong around the basket. Most of his drives resulted in off-balance attempts where he was actually avoiding contact instead of creating it by finishing strong.

Going forward, I'm sure this will be an area of focus for Brown and the Wolfpack. When he drives, he needs to look to finish with authority against bigger defenders.

Georgia Tech Junior Wing Glen Rice

NC State knew going in that Glen Rice was the key to Georgia Tech's offensive attack, but the Wolfpack couldn't slow down the Yellow Jacket wing. Rice scored 22 points on 7-of-10 shooting from the field, knocking down 4-of-5 3-point attempts and all five free throw attempts.

Here is a look at Rice's shot attempts and how State guarded him on those shots.

1st Half: 18:28- Rice attacks the basket, hits a running floater in the lane. FG (1-1): 2 Points

1st Half: 16:34- C.J. Williams gambles on the perimeter and attempts to steal an incoming pass to Rice. The overplay allows Rice to work his way into the paint where he hits a tough floater over C.J. Leslie. FG (2-2): 4 Points

Categories Totals
Minutes Played 34
Points 22
Field Goal Attempts 7-10
3-Point Attempts 3-5
2-Point Attempts 4-5
Free Throw Attempts 5-5
Rebounds 5
Blocks 0
Steals 1
Assists 2
Turnovers 3

1st Half: 14:06- Glen Rice catches on the wing and faces up C.J. Williams. He uses a right-to-left crossover dribble to break down Williams, and then hits a pull-up 3-pointer. Tough, tough shot. FG (3-3): 7 Points

1st Half: 13:19- Rice is now being guarded by Lorenzo Brown. He comes off a high ball screen from Daniel Miller and is open momentarily, but with Rice drifting to his left Brown is able to recover and block Rice's 3-point attempt. FG (3-4): 7 Points

1st Half: 7:45- Rice misses a pull-up jumper on the wing that was defended by C.J. Williams. FG (3-5): 7 Points

1st Half: 5:11- Rice curls to the top of the key off a Mfon Udofia screen. He catches a pass from the wing and banks in a 3-pointer, fading away. Williams had recovered and contested. FG (4-6): 10 Points

Glen Rice Shot Chart

1st Half: 1:57- Rice faces up C.J. Williams on the left wing behind the 3-point line by the RBC Center. He uses a jab step to create space and hits a tough fadeaway 3-pointer (falling down). The ball bounces in after wedging off the side of the backboard. FG (5-7): 13 Points

2nd Half: 14:06- Rice catches on wing and pump fakes, but can't get off a clean 3-point attempt over Williams, missing the contested shot. FG (5-8): 13 Points

2nd Half: 13:38- Out of a timeout, Rice catches on the right baseline behind the 3-point line and uses a pump fake to get around Williams. He drives into the paint and hits a running, one-handed floater over Leslie. FG (6-9): 15 Points

2nd Half: 12:13- Rice hits two free throws after a technical foul was called on NC State head coach Mark Gottfried. FG (6-9), FT (2-2): 17 Points

2nd Half: 11:58- Rice inbounds the basketball and runs down the baseline off a staggered screen. He catches it on the low block on the left, posting up Lorenzo Brown, and hits a turnaround jumper over Brown, drawing a foul on the play. Rice also hits the free throw. FG (7-10), FT (3-3): 20 Points

2nd Half: 2:29- With the game pretty much over, Brown fouls Rice in a scramble situation. Rice hits both free throws. FG (7-10), FT (5-5): 22 Points

Parting Shots: Rice doesn't start for Georgia Tech, but within a minute he was on the floor against the Wolfpack and made his presence felt right away, hitting his first shot seconds later.

A difficult wing to defend, Rice scored in a variety of ways. He hit a catch-and-shoot 3-pointer, another where he jab-stepped C.J. Williams and faded away, and his final 3-pointer came off a nifty right-to-left crossover. He also scored on a few floaters in the paint and a post-up, turnaround jumper over Lorenzo Brown. Against the Wolfpack, he scored on all three levels.

He also did it very efficiently. Rice totaled 22 points on just 10 field goal attempts, hitting 70% of hit shots and all five free throws. He was 1-of-2 from the field against Lorenzo Brown and 6-of-8 with C.J. Williams defending him.

Through two conference games against Duke and NC State, Rice is averaging 25 points and 6.5 rebounds while shooting over 50% from the field. If he continues that type of production, the Yellow Jackets could have a successful season because they are proving to be a solid defensive team.

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