Gottfried: "We Have To Be A Lot Better"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the game against Wake Forest.

Mark Gottfried

"Not really, we didn't play up to our potential at all. That was frustrating."

"We had been taking steps forward and improving and I thought in that game we actually took a step back."

"We were loose with the ball. Too many turnovers, our cuts weren't good."

"Defensively, I thought it was a combination of two things. At times, we weren't really as good as we should of been. But they made some tough shots and you have to give them credit."

"We have to be a lot better. I was disappointed that we didn't play as well as we could."

"I think what happens, to be a really good basketball team in any conference, you have to learn how to be really good every night. Especially when you're a team that finds itself in the pack."

"We're not a dominant team, we know that, so we have to learn to be really good every night."

"Probably for me, the most important thing and the question I always ask myself is 'are we improving, are we getting better?' A lot of times that answer has been yes, but I didn't think that was the case the other night."

"Our players have played pretty hard. I think even in the beginning of the game the other night our guys played hard, they just didn't play any good."

"We're running down the floor on a fastbreak and throw the ball out of bounds. We dribble it behind our back, it goes out of bounds. That's not necessarily not playing hard, that's just playing poorly. Our guys have played pretty hard, that hasn't really been an issue."

"They played to the end. You have to learn from that game, address all those different things, but then you have to get your mind forward to the next game."

"Wake's speed at point guard is a concern. The wing scorers, when you look at our team right now, one area where we need to be greatly improved is on defense, especially from behind the line. So that's a concern. Scott Wood, C.J. Williams and Lorenzo Brown have to be better than we've been on the perimeter or those guys are going to have big nights."

"[C.J. Leslie and C.J. Williams] of them are going to ending up guarding [Travis McKie], and maybe even Richard Howell, depending on who we have in the game. It's going to be a combination of a lot of guys, he's a very good player and so is Harris. Depending on who we have in the game, for example if we've got Deshawn Painter and Richard in the game and they put McKie at the four, Richard is going to have to guard him for a minute or two or maybe ten minutes."

"There's not a bigger C.J. Williams fan than me. I love this guy, he's played at a very high level. I've challenged him, it's time to cut to the chase. He has to be better defensively on the perimeter, period. We've put him on best scorers with the anticipation that you aren't going to shut guys out, but he has to step that part of his game up for our team to take a step. To become better, we have to have a perimeter, shutdown guy and we think it's him. So, I've challenged him in that regard."

"Physically, those guys like Scott, he's not, he has some physical limitations too. I'd love to say he could go guard Kobe Bryant tomorrow night and if he just runs harder off the screen he can do it, that ain't the answer. I don't care. He can run as hard as he wants off the screen. He's not stopping him. Some of it is that."

"Early in the year, I felt like we had a real issue containing the dribbler. We really extended our defense a little farther, we were getting beat off the dribble, guys were kicking it out to shooters."

"We backed up a step or two to stop some dribble penetration, as we have teams have hit some shots on us. There is a fine line for us."

"As a coach you have to figure out what is the best way for your team to defense. I don't know that we've discovered that quite yet, to be honest. Let me say this, when you have a discussion after a loss, everything is 911. If we would have had the same discussion after the Maryland game I may have given you a different answer... it's still something we've got to discover for our team."

"They'll play five on the perimeter, they'll play McKie at the four some with three guards around him."

"I always say they've got to defend us too."

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