Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's win over Boston College on Thursday night at the RBC Center.

Scott Wood

"Definitely, the last time we were at home was in our minds and we wanted to come out strong and try not to let the fans down this time."

"I thought we played well, I think there were times when we kind of lacked on the defensive end. Offensively, we played well. We kind of turned the ball over a few times but I think we played well. and we played good enough to win."

Richard Howell

"Coach wanted us to go out and play hard and we wanted to get the ball down low. That's what we did, not just in the half court but on the fast break too. We didn't settle for threes."

"We needed to come out and prove a point, we didn't want to come out and play flat like we did against Georgia Tech. That's something that's in the past and we don't want to play like that again."

"I said the magic word. I said the word to get him upset and it worked. I didn't mean to do it on purpose, but I was frustrated. I apologize for that."

CJ Leslie

"To come back and get a good win at home it's great for us."

"I'd score [Scott Wood's dunk] a two. He's got to do it one-handed or something. He can't just do a basic dunk, he's got more than that in him."

"We learned from [the loss to Georgia Tech]. Our objective is to not do what we did the first time. We learned from that and we fed off that."

"Late in the first half, but [the cramps] mostly happened in the second half. You're definitely cold when you come back so it takes time to get warmed back up. It just takes time."

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