Gottfried Talks Miami

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against Miami.

Mark Gottfried

C.J. Williams Shoulder Injury Update:
"The only update that I have is that we're not doing a MRI. Our doctors feel like they want to take a look at him today.

"I'm hopeful that he will be able to play but I would say right now it is doubtful. Doubtful but hopeful, and we will see here, but there is such a quick turnaround.

"He did have some range of motion last night with our doctors. They didn't feel like it was necessary just yet because the treatment would be the same for right now. Let's watch for 24 hours and see how he responds.

"We will not do anything with him today, hold him out completely in practice. Not even let him shoot a foul shot. Let his shoulder rest, and we will see tomorrow how he feels.

"They did not feel like an X-Ray was even needed."

Thoughts on Miami:
"I like them. They shoot the 3-pointer well and they are quick. The big guy inside, Reggie, is huge but very effective. Kaji at the four-spot, he's really shooting the ball well. He makes three's, he stretches you out.

"They make threes and take you off the dribble well at every position. It will be a different kind of team than we saw last night. Last night Boston College shot a lot of threes, but I think Miami is different because they are much more athletic than BC."

Thoughts after watching BC game tape:
"Our ball pressure was really positive. This team continues to really share the ball, if you look at our assist numbers. It is a very fun team to play on offensively because guys do move the ball well.

"I thought at times late in the game we tried to get too cute. Alex throws a bounce pass between his legs. He can take that one back to Canada. We don't need that one.

"We had some careless turnovers late, but I thought it was a pretty solid game for our team."

Does it help you stand out, identity-wise, to be efficient offensively?
"We're going to try and run and score a lot of points. Along with that, you want to be good defensively. Now, where people get caught up sometimes is in numbers when, teams may walk the ball up the floor offensively and have better defensive numbers because there are fewer possessions in the game.

"We hope to score more, but we also hope to improve defensively. I think we are. I think we are getting a little bit better defensively, not just our perimeter guys but all over the floor.

"I think we are rotating better, our bigs are showing on ball screens better. We are doing some good things, but we hope to be a team that scores a lot of points. I like the way we run our offense right now. We've got a little better there as well."

Parting Shots:
"I do think there were a lot of lessons to be learned and that one stung (GT loss). You don't want to learn a tough lesson but life goes on."

"I think our concentration level has been better and that is something obviously we need to continue to do."

"I'm a stat guy, but I'm not one of those guys that are so consumed with numbers."

"I like our guys defensively right now. I like where their mind is defensively."

"December 17th was the last time. I was a little surprised last night, to be honest."

"At times I'm [C.J. Leslie's] biggest critic and for the most part his energy has been good and we need him to have great energy. His athleticism can effect the game in so many ways."

"We're a team that has played a rotation of seven guys and we can't afford injuries. If he can't play we have to respond and find another avenue."

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