AUDIO: Pack Players Talk Heels

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against North Carolina. The Wolfpack will take on the Tar Heels Thursday night in the Dean Dome.

Scott Wood

"No matter where I go I'm going in there with the mindset to win."

"The vibes are [good] just because we've been winning and everything, but at the same time you've got to keep your head. Yeah we've won a few games but we've got to keep getting in the gym and keep getting better."

"I'm open, I shoot it. That's the way it pretty much works."

"Part of that is just me. I've always been a little bit unselfish and looking to get others going first, but I've got to know that if I've got a good look I've got to take it and knock it down."

"We've got to keep executing. Everyone knows what you're running by now... if you execute and set good screens anything can get open."

"It's either you go to the farm or you decide to shoot basketball [in Indiana]."

"Luck, concentration is the main thing. You've got to be able to block everything out and know it is a free shot and no one is going to guard you so you've got to take advantage."

"I wasn't nervous on the one that tied it or broke it but the one afterwards because I was thinking that it would be a shame if I broke it and then missed the next one."

C.J. Williams

"We've taken away the three-point shot. We want to make teams have to put the ball on the floor and then keep them in front."

"We're taking away the three-point shot because three points is more than two."

"We keep the dribble in front and then close out on shooters."

"We've got to know the scouting reports, and knowing what guys want to do. You've got to make them do what they don't like to do."

"You want to make guys uncomfortable."

C.J. Leslie

"It's a new game. That game doesn't matter anymore. It's in the past."

"It's a new game, new coach."

"It's going to be a great game. It's going to be high energy and a lot of fast pace up-and-down the court."

"Basically don't move, stay at the line and knock down the shot."

Alex Johnson

"I've just been putting my faith in God. With my teammate Thomas, I've been getting in here after games and before games at night, non-stop putting in the hard work."

"It's been great. A lot of my teammates see me as an energy guy."

"When the team is playing down, as the sixth man I'm trying to bring some energy and get our guys up."

"It's another game in our conference and a big game for us."

"I think the Georgia Tech game was a wake-up call for us... Georgia Tech definitely gave us a wake-up call."

"We're paying more attention, we're more focused."

Lorenzo Brown

"He's a terrific passer. I've watched him a lot last year and this year. I'm just amazed at the way he passes."

"We're a lot different. I'm a scorer/passer and he's a complete passer. He knows the correct times to pass the ball to his players. I enjoy watching him play."

"We are a lot better than we were last year, and we have a lot more confidence in ourselves."

"He is an excellent player."

"We're ready to come out and play."

"It's a big game right here."

"We've been trying to contain teams from hitting three-point shots... coach wants us to keep our hands up and deny as much as we can."

"That game still haunts us to this day. Our main goal is to keep our hands active on the defensive end of the court and hopefully we will come up with the steal."

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