Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

CHAPEL HILL, NC - Head coach Mark Gottfried spoke with the media following the Pack's loss to North Carolina on Thursday night in the Dean Dome.

Mark Gottfried

"First of all, we've got to give them credit. I think they were really good. I think the time they had to prepare for our team, they did a great job with it. I thought they were really prepared and they played really well."

"The first time I thought our team this year... we played 21 games now and I thought their defensive pressure... we didn't have the poise offensively. They took away one option and we didn't... stay with our offense and ground out good shots."

"With their size around the rim, they scored around the rim all night, whether it was in the break, in the halfcourt offense, or off of offensive rebounds. We did a terrible job there."

"It's a game we have to learn from, but at the same time we've got to get ourselves ready to play again real quick."

"I'm not into all that... a reality check? It's a game. They played better tonight than we did, no question. This isn't a measuring stick, I'm not into all that. They played really well tonight."

"Our teams have played really good teams this year, that's one thing we've done and I thought tonight... you've got to give them credit."

"We did not play nearly as well as I think we have played this year. We're going to learn from it and then move on and get our minds ready to play again."

"No, they are good at blocking shots. They are a lot bigger than we are. We didn't do a very good job of drawing fouls inside. That's where I thought we got frustrated. Even if it was on the block we kind of stopped instead of continuing with our offense."

"I've been here for one game. I can't answer that one question."

"I thought they did a good job. It's part of the same theme. We didn't screen very well. We didn't cut very well... we were not very sharp offensively."

"We've played against good defensive teams this year. Yes, they were very good and at the same time we were not very good. The combination of the two... here we are."

"I tell you what, we were good at bank shots tonight. We used the glass well, even from 94 feet."

"I like my team. We have battled from day one. I believe we will keep battling. Tonight is disappointing, we will all agree, but we are a better basketball team than we were tonight."

"Give North Carolina a lot of credit for that. They deserve the credit, but I like my team. I like my team, and we've got to get ourselves ready to go play Virginia."

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