Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

CHAPEL HILL, NC -- A couple of Wolfpack players met with the media following the Pack's loss to North Carolina on Thursday night at the Dean Dome.

Scott Wood

"It's one game, whether you lose by 33 or 1 it is still a loss."

"I haven't beat Carolina so I'm going to think about it forever probably."

"I don't know. Has your wife ever cheated on you? That's probably about how frustrating it is, probably."

"I recognized us. We just didn't play well and they played really well. You combine those and it is hard to beat anybody."

"Once they took away that first option we turned and tried to go a little too much one-on-one."

C.J. Williams

"They played a great game."

"They took us out of what we wanted to do."

"They denied our high post which is where we want to get the ball because we feel like that is where we are best. It kind of took us out of what we are capable of doing."

"We have more options than the high post and we have to go there more often."

"I expected us to play better."

"We just have to play better overall."

"It's only one game. We are still 4-2 and only one game behind. We know we are up there at the top and we want to continue the run we were making."

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