Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, NC -- Head coach Mark Gottfried spoke with the media following the Pack's loss to Virginia on Saturday night.

Mark Gottfried

"Well, let me say, number one, my heart hurts for my team. I thought my team played their hearts out, they put everything they had on the line and I feel bad for them. For my guys. We had a night where we had some great looks and couldn't make a shot. We're a terrific foul shooting team, we struggled at the line. Our second half defense was, I thought, extremely good. They went to the line 19 times in the second half, but our effort was phenomenal. I feel terrible for my team."

"We thought we could get Lorenzo turning the corner at the top of the key with Scott in that far corner. It's my opinion, I thought that he got bumped pretty hard on the dribble. But, you roll with it. You move on. We thought Lorenzo going to the basket, great foul shooter, with Scott in that far corner was a great option for our guys."

"I don't know that I learned anything that I didn't already know because our team has competed every night this year. The Carolina game, I've been in athletics a long time, they happen. It happened to them, by the way, just a short amount of time ago and they are probably a little better than we are. Let's be real honest. I'm not real sure I remember the margin in that one they had, but it was greater than ours. Those things happen, it's part of it. Our team all year has competed really hard and tonight our kids competed with everything they had. They were spent in the locker room, and that's why my heart aches for my guys."

"Richard was great. I was disappointed he fouled out, he had 18 rebounds and I thought so many of his rebounds were tough traffic effort rebounds. He wasn't the only one, but I thought hit effort was terrific."

"We were so concerned with guarding some ball screens with Scott, we didn't want to leave him. We didn't hedge real good, we didn't show on those and we were getting beat into the corner. The second half we made the adjustment to really show hard and rotate, our guys did a great job with that. They adapted well in the second half, and we hold them to four baskets. Can't ask for much more from that perspective."

"I told our team, if they play that hard every night we're going to win a lot of games this year. We're going to win a lot of games. We've already won a lot of games this year and we're going to win a lot more. That's your take away from tonight's game."

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