Senior Bowl Q&A: Audie Cole

Hard-nosed North Carolina State linebacker Audie Cole made his case with the NFL brass this week at the Senior Bowl.

For the Wolfpack, Audie Cole was ultra-productive with 328 career tackles, 32 1/2 tackles for losses and 15 sacks.

The 6-foot-4, 248-pounder was a semifinalist for the Butkus Award and led the team in tackles for the past three seasons.

A former Gold Gloves boxer and high school quarterback from Michigan, Cole had a 19-yard sack where he forced a fumble in a win over North Carolina.

Among the NFL teams showing the most interest in Cole: the Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears and the Cleveland Browns.

Scout caught up with Cole this week in advance of today's kickoff:

Scout: What were your goals this week?

Cole: "I just wanted to come out here and just play like I know I can play. Kind of prove that I'm good enough to play at the next level. I didn't have any big goals other than to come out here and compete and do the best I could. Hopefully, the most important thing about this whole week other than practices is meeting with these teams and doing all the interviews."

Scout: What did you try to impress upon the NFL teams about your character?

Cole: "I was just being myself. A good thing for me is I don't have any off-the-field issues. When you have to get up on the board and draw up defenses, I feel pretty comfortable doing that. I was well-prepared for that, getting up on the board and explain why."

Scout: What defense do you think you fit best in the NFL?

Cole: "I've only played in the 4-3, I don't really know much about a 3-4. I'm sure I can learn it and I can do that and pick it up fairly well. We use that for our third-down package back at school."

Scout: What was it like working with NFL coaches?

Cole: "It was great working with the best coaches around. Luckily, I was prepared well at school. We have a lot of the same terminology, so it wasn't foreign to me. I undersand a lot of things they were talking about. I picked it up pretty well. When you're out here, it's weird sitting there and look around and everybody in the NFL is watching you practice."

Scout: Did you meet with many head coaches this week?

Cole: "I talked to a few head coaches this week, some GMs and position coaches. It went pretty well. I met with about 13 to 15 teams. I knocked a bunch of them out the first night."

Scout: What kind of feedback did you get from NFL teams?

Cole: "A lot of people told me once I get into the NFL I would be playing Sam linebacker, but that's for them to decide. I have a good humble, team-oriented attitude. I grew up watching just outside Detroit watching Barry Sanders and Chris Spielman."

Scout: What do you hope to show in this game?

Cole: "I would just like to move around quick and fly around and make some tackles and pretty much show that I can get off lineman's blocks and move as quick as I can and make some plays."

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