O'Brien: "We Are Excited About Today"

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media to discuss his 2012 recruiting class. O'Brien also updated the injuries on his team.

Tom O'Brien

"Two guys will be out [for spring ball]. Jarvis Byrd is out with his knee, and R.J. Mattes will be out for spring practice."

"[R.J.] should be fine. He might make the end of spring practice but probably won't."

"D.J. Green and Mustafa [Greene] are listed right now as probable for spring practice. They are on track with rehabbing, so we'll see where that goes."

"Certainly we are excited about today. This is a really talented group of young men that have decided to come to NC State."

"It's a long, athletic and talented group of kids, and the thing that stands out at you is the size of them and the length they have... the fact that they can run."

"You can't overlook getting a transfer like Pete Thomas, a guy that has been in a pro offense... when you complete 65% of your passes and start every game for two years, that's going to really increase the competition a year from now when Mike leaves."

"That certainly was a big plus and anytime we can get anybody like [Pete Thomas] in our program we'll jump at the opportunity."

"We're looking for guys that have size and length... we started it the last couple of years with some kids we signed, especially in the secondary."

"When you look at the kids that are pass rushers on the outside that we signed, that's a whole different breed than we brought in before."

"We're finally getting to look like our guys did at Boston College, guys that are still playing in the Super Bowl this weekend, guys like that." "Our coaches did a great job in Georgia. 16 or 18 of the kids from the state are on our roster and do a great job contributing to our program."

"To get a mature body in here [like Robert Caldwell] was very important... hopefully he can play right away."

"[Drew Davis] had decided he was going to Minnesota and we just kind of let it go. After the Terrell Manning situation and looking at guys we wanted to switch positions, a spot came open." "We won't be satisfied until we sign everybody in the state. That's the goal."

"The last two year's we've won the third most games of anybody in this conference, only behind Florida State and Virginia Tech... we want to be in the top third of the ACC in wins, total wins and in conference too."

"If we continue to do that and continue to win and put ourselves in a position to challenge and go to Charlotte, it will increase our chances to keep kids home."

"As it is in year's past, guys don't understand the word commitment. They are just making a reservation."

"The more you deal with people of character and people of their word it is not a problem."

"All of the recruiting rankings, those are people that deal in perception. Those of us that have to deal in reality, [character, leadership] comes into play."

"Winning the way we did at the end of the year says a lot about the character of this football team."

"If you look at the linebacker situation, [Drew Davis] has to think he's got a chance [to play]. We don't promise anybody they are going to play. We promise we're going to give them the opportunity to play."

"One of the advantages of being here in town is he can drive over to practice and become more accostomed to how we do things."

"[Drew Davis] made a decision early, and thank goodness he changed his mind and decided to stay home."

"Probably the most important thing is to get Mustafa [Greene] healthy for this football team."

"We fell in love with Shadrach [Thornton]. He is a great kid, and he's going to be a great leader for this football team. He's a really good football player. He's the kind of guy that is going to help this football program for a long time."

"The thing we go on a lot in camp is arm strength, the ability to make throws that have to be made if you're going to succeed on this level. [Manny Stocker] being an athlete helped a lot. This is on two days, three days watching him in the program, he might be a better athlete than we even thought he was coming in here."

"It's a huge advantage to him to be here and go through this right now... get a year under his belt. Hopefully Glennon stays healthy, and we'll have a battle royal next spring for the starting quarterback job."

"[Pete Thomas] is another guy who committed before we pulled the trigger to get to him... knowing his coach as well as we do as a staff, his recommendation had a lot to do with it. Guys like that just don't fall off the tree all the time."

"Everybody wants to come to a program where they are going to win football games."

"We'll solve the problem one weekend in the fall, but choose one of the in-state schools. Stay in-state."

"[Deylan Buntyn] is a much bigger man than he was in high school. He looks a lot like Ron Brace did for us at Boston College. Big, chesty, deep guy. Looks like he is light on his feet. The thing with like about most linemen is they are never on the ground... balance is a big thing when we look at linemen."

"Talk about raw talent just look at [Desmond Owino] and that is what it is right now. There is no telling how good he can be. He hasn't even scratched the surface of what his talents are. He is a guy that will hopefully learn the game the right way when he gets here because he doesn't have a lot of bad habits to break. From all indications, he can run... fast."

"I think Mike Reed did a fabulous job [on Kendarius Whitehead]. I was talking to a Southeastern conference coach last night and he kept raving about him... wondering how we did it, how we got that kid away from Georgia."

"When [Whitehead] came something connected about this school and this staff in him from the start. After making one visit, he made the Georgia visit, and when I went down to visit him he showed up in Wolfpack Red colors and howling like a Wolf. We knew we had a chance at that point. We had to get his mother up here and once she made the trip up he had one more trip left to go."

"[With the defensive end recruits], they are all pass rushers. We've just increased our ability to have a dominant guy come off the edge that can beat a guy one-on-one without having to blitz everytime. Not that Tenuta and Archer wouldn't blitz, but it helps sometimes not to."

"The defense has known about Niles Clark. He's been coming around here since his sophomore year, and we've had our eye on him."

"Charlie [Hegedus], when he ran for us it was pretty evident that he had the speed to get to where he has to go. Working through camp and running routes, he's really a very good receiver... the same thing happened with Xavier [Griffin]."

[David] Grinnage is a guy that, he's another guy that is growing into his body. He's going to be a big man and he has great hands. They played him at linebacker on defense too so he had to mix it up and make some tackles. The question was if he is tough enough to play tight end for us, but playing defense and doing those things that answers that question for us. He won't be afraid to block."

"I don't think tight ends do. Wide receivers, running backs, defensive backs, or edge rushers are where freshmen get the best opportunity to play because it is the easiest things to learn or do."

"I think just finding the missing pieces we have to find at linebacker now. We have pieces to fit in to where guys departed from last year, and then the guys coming back to get better each and every day. The Tennessee game is right around the corner."

"We're really happy with Corey Edmond coming back and the strength program right now... just noticing the kids, they are dead tired and walking out of there dripping wet, but they are smiling. So good things must be going on in the weight room."

"The running back coach, I'll start to work on it now, and hopefully by the end of next week we will have someone in place."

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