Rivers: "Raleigh Is Great"

NC State legendary quarterback Philip Rivers was on 99.9 Thursday afternoon discussing NC State and his career.

NC State legendary quarterback Philip Rivers was on 99.9 Thursday afternoon discussing NC State and his career.

Philip Rivers Interview

"Raleigh is great. Raleigh will always have a special place in my heart and in my family's heart."

"It's good. It's exciting, not that you need anymore drive, but the electricity and energy in the city makes you feel like you've got to get in this game."

"I hadn't been to one yet either and it was kind of my thing to not go to [a Super Bowl] until you play in one."

"It's a big deal, and you know it is, but the coverage it gets... it's probably the most analyzed game in sports."

"I've watched quite a bit [of NC State football]. A lot of times if it's at 12 noon, that ACC kick is 9:00 am. We're walking through and it's hard to see a lot of it, but I've watched quite a bit."

"Russell Wilson I think is a heck of a player. There is probably more to the story than anyone will ever know of what happened this year, with him going to Wisconsin, but Glennon did a great job."

"He comes in there at the end, if we could have had that finish my junior year, the Virginia, Georgia Tech, and Maryland finish, I don't know if it was in that order... we would have been 12-0 and in the championship game that year!"

"Russell Wilson, I think he's got a chance because he's got the presence, he's got the leadership skills, and he is an athlete. He's one of those guys that his will won't be denied. He's going to be a player in this league."

"NC State, I thought the finish this year was great... I think they are on the right path."

"The Senior Bowl, that was the week for me, that's how I ended up in San Diego and that's how I helped my draft stock. They got to see up close, in the huddle, practice, interviews, all those things from what I've heard Russell Wilson will be great at."

"That's what you can't see on the tape, although his tape is pretty impressive."

"His presence, I've seen him in interviews, he's really good. He'll be up here playing with us. We've got Billy Volek who is 35 and has another year or two left, he has another year left and I hope we keep, but .. at some point we'll get a young guy. Who knows? He may be our guy."

"I had one year with Flutie. He's bigger than Flutie. I don't think Flutie is 5'10."

"That whole thing... you're not looking over your tackles. You don't look over them. I can't see over Marcus McNeil and those guys. You're finding passing lanes. Aaron Rodgers is 6'2... Drew is 6-foot, and they light it up."

"He has had too much success. Guys that find a way to win at any level they find a way to win. Football is still football. Can you win and lead your team? He obviously can."

"We've always finished strong, even this year we finished strong."

"I'm going to get back to Raleigh this year. It's been a while. It's hard. I've got six little ones now. It's a hard trip. The oldest is nine and the youngest is four months. That's a hard trip to go all the way across the country."

"I certainly still pull for the Pack and still talk to coach Pate. It's fun to watch them. It's an impressive... guys I run into or play with in the conference,t hey really love going to Carter-Finley to play in, they think it's a great place to play."

"I'm certainly proud of the school... it's fun, guys are like who they've got today or whatever. It's fun to keep up. I still wear the Red and White proud."

"I'm always pulling hard. Whenever I'm done playing I'll be even more involved. I'll definitely make it to more than my share of Wolfpack games when I'm done here playing."

"That goes against every thing, for a NC State guy to wear like Powder Blue."

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