Gottfried Talks Wake Forest

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the game against Wake Forest.

Mark Gottfried

"To be honest, that's really not even something we've been thinking about. You just get so entrenched with your own team."

"I think we are playing good, but not great. I think we can play a lot better. Obviously against Carolina we were bad, but then just the style of some of the games. Boston College really tried to slow the game down, they held the ball every possession. Go back and watch the film. It was hard for us to generate a tempo that we liked. We still won, which is great."

"The Virginia game was a slower game, a grind-type game, so sometimes you end up with games like that and you don't feel like you're playing as you want to play, which is getting up-and-down. I think we are playing good, but I think we can play a lot better."

"I've never been a guy that, the statistical things, some of those to me... I think every game is different. I'd like to play every game uptempo, but you've got to be able to win different ways. We're not physically the type of team that can go pressure you all over the floor and speed a team up. That's not how our makeup is so we have to learn how to win different ways."

"I think [Lorenzo] is putting a lot of pressure on himself, and he has such a high expectation for how he should play that I think he is frustrated that he hasn't played as well as he would have liked. What I did like is that when the game was on the line he had two great passes that were really big for us. He didn't completely eliminate himself from playing well down the stretch."

"He allows those things to weigh really heavily on him. Again, this is the first year for him being a point guard. It is a different role when you have to be the guy that shoulders so much. He's learning it. He's doing really well."

"No, I don't think he is pressing in that regard. I think he has allowed the fact that he hasn't played as well as he would have liked to bother him."

"There wasn't the reach-in as he defends a ball screen to pick one up, those types of fouls really hurt him. We need [Richard Howell] in the game. We talk to him about it all the time. He did really good."

"[Wake Forest] has played much better since that first game... and if you are Wake Forest you're going to come in here with a chip on your shoulder. You should, and we anticipate that. Each game is a different game, regardless of the outcome of one game, it really doesn't have much bearing on the next one."

"We have to be really ready to play on Saturday."

"We want to play as well as we can play every game, knowing regardless of who we are playing or what has happened in the past."

"You get to February... we all still make adjustments, but we are who we are. I think our staff does a great job of having our players prepared for whoever we play."

"We wanted to guard [Travis McKie] a certain way, which we did. C.J. Williams started on him, but he changes in their lineup from the small forward and then will go play some at power forward."

"Whether it's Richard, Calvin, or C.J. Williams, those guys collectively are going to rotate to [defend McKie]."

"The same with [C.J.] Harris. Our guys know him, they know his game. That doesn't mean you're going to have success just because you know him, but I think we have a good understanding of how we are going to guard him."

"Bobby [Lutz] does a great job in practice communicating to our guys on what we're trying to focus on."

"It's hard to expect your team to memorize all their plays. We've got our own plays to worry about. We can't memorize all of theirs. Our guys can't even memorize ours half the time."

"Different assistant coaches might do some prep work but Bobby communicates it to our team... one voice, but everybody on our staff is participating in scouting. Everybody is really involved, but I like the fact that they hear one voice."

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