Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, NC -- Mark Gottfried spoke with the media following the Pack's win over Wake Forest on Saturday afternoon at the RBC Center.

Mark Gottfried

"First of all, I liked a lot of things about the game. I liked how we got the game up and down and got our break running. Offensively we were a lot better there."

"Defensively, not as good. I thought we could have played much better."

"We had a stretch at the end of the first half where I thought defensively we were really sharp, but outside of that I think we gave up too many good looks."

"We did a lot of good things today."

"Scott Wood made some big, big shots. Calvin made a couple of huge plays at key times."

"Lorenzo hasn't played as good the last couple of games. It was nice to see him play better and play with confidence. I thought that was important today. I'm very proud of Lorenzo."

"It was a good win for our team."

"I always say to our guys that each game stands on itself and what happens in one game really doesn't have a bearing on what happens in another game."

"They played well today. They shot the ball well today."

"When we went down to Wake earlier, our win was a nice margin, but they had a lot of open shots they missed too. It wasn't just all NC State playing a phenomenal game down there. They contributed, just had a bad day."

"Today they were a lot better. They made shots, big shots and played a lot harder. To their credit, they were a lot better."

"Each game takes on an identity of its own."

"I think that when we got out and ran, filled the lanes, and played in the open floor we were very good."

"I thought outside of one or two trips we really executed well."

"Scott was pretty good in just about every area. He defended pretty well. He gave up a couple of looks, but offensively it was nice to see him get in that groove where everybody in the gym thinks every shot is going in. That's where he was today."

"I thought [Leslie] was a key guy for us. What I like about Calvin right now is he's concentrating on the foul line and has improved that part of his game."

"I thought he had a couple of huge plays for us offensively."

"I was really proud of him that they retired his jersey. That is quite an accomplishment for anybody. I think we are all watching him this year just have a sensational senior year. He has really improved and is contributing in so many ways."

"Lorenzo was down the last couple of days, even though we won at Boston College. He is hard on himself. He wants to play at such a high level."

"In the Virginia game and the BC game, both games were slow, slugfest-type games and he didn't really get out and run. He walks away thinking he's just not playing well, and he's down."

"I was happy for him today. He pushed tempo, got out in the break. He made a couple of great plays. I think he had seven or eight assists at he half, i thought that was key."

"He's a good player. He's had a good year for us. It was good to see him play with confidence today."

"He handled the ball really well. He's had a couple of games where he's had five turnovers, and I think he protected it today."

"We talked about decisions, sometimes you try to make a play when there is not one there. He's done that a few times. Today I thought he just let the game come. He wasn't forcing some penetration like he has at times."

"It's disappointing, it is. I share the same feelings with the fans. I'm new and just learning, but I would certainly like for that to happen."

"It wasn't my decision or Debbie's decision. They looked for the best way to schedule 18 games for 14 teams. It became the solution for the league."

"Personally I would love to see us play [UNC] twice a year, but it is not going to happen."

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