Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

Several NC State players met with the media following the Pack's loss to Florida State.

C.J. Williams

"We don't worry about [the bubble] - that's your job. We just come out and play."

"We just have to be better. Flat out, straight up better."

"We were able to get our rest. We didn't go very hard yesterday in practice. It kind of allowed us to get our legs underneath us."

Scott Wood

"They obviously did a good job on me tonight. I'm disappointed in not making shots. I just have to go in the gym - I'll probably get in there tonight and work on it till I'm comfortable."

"They can keep guys in front and make them take tough shots. It definitely makes them hard for you to score."

C.J. Leslie

"We just weren't mentally ready. We came out kind of sluggish."

"Everybody has to come out and play. Our defense just wasn't there today."

"They played Thursday just like we did so that's not any excuse. We just have to wake up and come out and play and we didn't do that today."

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