Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the loss to Florida State.

Mark Gottfried

"First of all, you have to give a lot of credit to Florida State. They are an experienced, veteran old group of guys and they played like it. That was impressive, they did a nice job."

"When I look at us, I'm disappointed. We all have days where things aren't going our way, and we had one of those. Sometimes you go to work and that's the way life works, but I did not like how we responded. We were bad, and I thought we got worse. That's my responsibility."

"I don't know if we're emotionally drained from two nights ago. We can all guess, bottom line is, no excuses. I'm not interested in any of that. We have to dig down and be better, fight through tough situations when we're not playing well. That team has done that a number of times this year, but today we didn't. That was frustrating. We're better than that, we're a better basketball team than that, and today, we were bad."

"I've tried my best to convince my team, unlike most people that say these three games, everything rides on these three games. I don't believe that. But maybe they hear that. This team has not been in that position before. Quite frankly, I'm not real sure that's a good excuse. You have an opportunity, we still do. There are a lot of games left."

"Today, in this particular game, what was disappointing was our response to us not playing well. We just kind of accepted our fate. I didn't like that, this team has not done that this year. We've got to get regrouped, that's our job as a staff. We have to respond better, period."

"We walked in yesterday off a tough loss, and guys were moving slow. But again, I just believe you have to be bigger and better than that. You just do. I'm not one of these guys that would stand up here and say 'Man, we had a tough game the other night. That probably contributes.' My answer to that would be, I can't say my answer here. No, I'm not accepting that. Every team has to go through a process of growing up, and this is a learning lesson for us in my opinion. Regardless of what happens, you have to bring your A game mentally today."

"As a coach, if there are things that are happening regularly that's one thing. This hasn't been a pattern for our team. You have to be careful not to overreact too. I can go in there tomorrow and practice them for seven hours and run 5,000 sprints and I'm not sure that's the answer. We have to accept the fact that if you want to play in the greatest show on earth, you better toughen up and man up, pal. There's no other way to look at it."

"Teams that get to play in March are good enough to withstand most things and fight through things. We're not there, we have to get there."

"We could lose these three and when the next three and you're telling me we're not going to get in the tournament, for sure? I worked for ESPN, I was told to be an expert. I was told to stand up there and for sure say 'This is the law.' And hell, I didn't know. But I'm not going to get on TV and say 'Well, I really don't know what they're going to do.' What you always have to understand with the tournament is that we don't control what other teams are doing."

"My point with all that is, sure it would be nice if we would have swept right though. If you don't, that doesn't mean you're eliminated. Some things still happen. You never know with this. What I don't want my team to do is get so caught up in all of that they become convinced of that outcome. We're still all guessing until that Sunday."

"[Scott Wood] did look a little tired today. Maybe he's played too many minutes. It's something that our staff talked about as soon as the game was over. That was one of the first things. We need to look at it. We need him to be a good shooter for us, obviously. This team needs that and he hasn't been lately. He had some great looks in the first half. We need to look at it the next two days and see if we can do anything to help him."

"We have't played everybody yet. Obviously North Carolina with their size and length, these guys have that same type size and shot blocking ability, the ability to alter shots. They protect the rim really well. We missed some easy ones too, but at times you're going to the rim being worried about someone blocking your shot and you aren't concentrating on finishing."

"Yeah, I did see [Chris Corchiani and Tom Gugliotta] get thrown out. I don't have any idea what happened there."

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