AUDIO: Pack Players Talk Heels

RALEIGH, N.C. -- C.J. Leslie, C.J. Williams, and Scott Wood met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against North Carolina.

Scott Wood

"A lot of my shots were short. I had a lot of good looks so there was really no excuse."

"He doesn't like to call out players in front of other people."

"After the FSU game he didn't necessarily show us the bad stuff, he showed us the good stuff... we've got to build on it."

"We've always been battling for positions but we've been best friends through the whole thing. He's always wanted an opportunity... just to have that opportunity this year and show what he is capable of, it's big."

"C.J. [Williams] has been here and he's worked his tail off since he's been here."

"Just rebounding the ball better, that's a big part of their offense."

C.J. Leslie

"I guess he's on his toes when he is in front of ya'll."

"We watched a lot of the things we did well, not only from the Carolina game. He basically told us this is what we've got to do... let's get back to this."

"Really stop their transition game, they are very fast-paced and uptempo, they are good at that."

"We've got to run our stuff, be smart, and take good shots."

"The main thing is we can't let them stop anything we do. Any play we call out we've got to be capable of running that play."

"We just have to take what is there."

"We're aware of them, it's hard to miss them."

"I don't think you get away from what you do. You have to find ways... do what you do best and go at it, stick with it."

"He's long, make no mistake about it. He's going to be a big part of their defense. I'm going to keep playing my game. He's going to have to be forced to stop that and until then I'm not going to switch up anything."

C.J. Williams

"We watched our good plays from it. Coach took a very positive approach and showed us what we can do."

"Early in the game we were able to execute and we've got to do that for forty minutes."

"He gets really intense and you can really see it in his eyes when he's trying to get a point across."

"All coaches are pretty much the same when it comes to yelling."

"Certain personalities, you've got to react to differently."

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