2012 Class Analysis: Wide Receiver/ Tight End

Pack Pride has in-depth analysis and coach's commentary on NC State's Class of 2012 tight end and wide receiver signees.

Pack Pride breaks down NC State's wide receiver and tight end signees for the class of 2012.

The Players

David Grinnage...6-5, 240 pounds...Newark (DE) High School

Notes...projects as qualifier

Strengths...above average athleticism, willingness to get physical while blocking, good frame and hands

Weaknesses...needs to adjust physically to division one, faced questionable talent level in high school
Impact in 2012....likely to redshirt

Xavier Griffin...6-2, 185 pounds...Newark (DE) High School

Notes...projects as qualifier

Strengths...good size, solid ball skills, play maker, good speed and change of direction

Weaknesses...questionable competition in high school, develop physically

Impact in 2012....redshirt would be best case but if depth issues pop up for State he could be forced into action

Charlie Hegedus...6-3, 187 pounds...Lassiter High School, Marietta (GA)

Notes...projects as qualifier...earned late offer from Oklahoma State...participates in track

Strengths...tremendous straight line speed, very good ball skills and concentration, confidence

Weaknesses...needs to develop into fully rounded wide receiver, work on route running, show ability to block

Impact in 2012....because of speed, could certainly work his way onto field in 2012

Did the Pack meet their needs based on sheer numbers and landing primary targets: B

The Pack missed on: Dan Beilinson (Duke), A.J. Williams (Michigan), Eugene Lewis (Penn State)

How many may the Pack target for the class of 2013: Tight End - (1), Wide Receiver (2)

Early 2013 major targets: Josh McNeil (TE), Marquez North, T.J. Logan

Scouting Report (NC State recruiting coordinator Jerry Petercuskie)

Xavier Griffin
"Griffin is one of those tall receivers that has the ability to change his gait and has the ability to make you miss. Most of the time when you see a big tall receiver, you see a long striding kid that once he catches it, he gets going and he's tough in terms of the speed that he has. Griffin has that but he also has the ability in a small space to make you miss. For a tall lanky guy, that's a rarity. I wouldn't say that's a rarity but it's something you like to see, having the ability to do both. He also catches it well and he has good speed."

Charlie Hegedus

"He's (Hegedus) another camp kid. I think we had seven of the kids we signed at camp. For us, it's very, very important. Anybody that looks at us now would be like wow, a third of the kids they got came to camp. They're (the coaches) serious about that stuff. They want to see the kids up close and personal and see their personalities and see how they compete. I've been fooled many times by looking at a tape but when you get that kid out there on the football field, our coaches get to work with them and we get to see how he competes and how he interacts with the rest of the guys, that's huge."

David Grinnage

"He's (Grinnage) very athletic. He's tall. He's going to be a big young man. He's going to fill out that frame that he has. He's a run and catch guy when you look at him on tape but he didn't shy away when he had to block and a lot of times he was an off the line of scrimmage blocker but again, showing the toughness that we can coach him up. But the ability to run and catch is something you want to see and is a harder thing to do when you don't have that ability naturally."  

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