Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, NC -- Mark Gottfried met with the media following the Pack's loss to North Carolina on Tuesday night at the RBC Center.

Mark Gottfried

"Well, they were obviously very good tonight. North Carolina played awfully well offensively and defensively. Their ability to step up there and go 10 for 19 from the three-point line was a difference in the game. You have to give them credit. When they shoot the ball like that from the perimeter, it really makes it a tough game trying to defend them."

"We went into the game trying to double down in the post. We're undersized inside, we've got to help down there with Zeller and Henson and even Barnes. Then Marshall goes 4 for 5 from three and they are knocking down jumpers, so you have to give them a lot of credit for that."

"Our guys competed hard. The first half we had some really good moments, but when you look at some of the games like our Syracuse game or the Indiana game, we've got spurts, we just don't sustain it long enough. We have a hard time with that. They were very good tonight, so you have to tip your hat to them for that."

"We out score them in the paint 42-22, second-chance points, we get 16 to their 8. If you had told me that today at our shoot around, I would have taken that and thought we had a pretty good chance to win. Then they get 30 points from behind the line. They've been averaging four three-point made basket a game in league play. You have to give them credit."

"I thought our guys did a nice job trying to neutralize them inside, which I think is their greatest strength. Tonight, they played very well."

"We talked with Calvin the last couple of days about turning and facing on the block, using speed and quickness. He was great, he went right around them and used his speed and quickness. He really competed. Our whole team competed hard, but I thought Calvin did a terrific job."

"I thought [Leslie] started slow defensively, but he responded. Took him out, told him exactly what I thought, and he responded and played terrific."

"We've had some opportunities, we've had a lot this year. So many things can happen. We certainly had opportunities to help ourselves, no question. What we have to do now is to continue to play really hard and see what where we end up. That's where we are, but we just haven't been quite good enough to get over that hump. This team has to find a way to do that."

"[Scott Wood] hasn't shot it well lately, and we're a different team when he scores 12, 15, 18 points. When you look at the games when he's shot the ball well, it changes us offensively. We need him to play and shoot the ball better."

"Our guys competed, they got themselves regrouped and ready to play, but tonight, Carolina was pretty good. I liked how we competed."

"We'll have a couple of days for Clemson, they are playing extremely well. Their defending really well. With our team right now we have to keep fine tuning everything. We have to get a little better offensively, have to find that offensive groove that we had for a long time. Teams are good, but I don't know that we're going to play a team as talented as North Carolina."

"Their perimeter guys are all thick, with size. They don't have a frail perimeter player. They can get through screens, they've got good length. It's not just the inside guys, now you're taking Bullock and those guys, and those guys have some beef. Defensively on the perimeter, they have the body types that can blast through screens."

"They've got a lot of pieces to the puzzle. If they shoot the ball the way they did tonight, they are going to be hard to beat, by anybody."

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