2012 Class Analysis: Defensive End

Pack Pride has in-depth analysis and coach's commentary on the defensive end signees for 2012.

Pack Pride breaks down NC State's defensive end signees for the class of 2012.

The Players

Kenderius Whitehead...6-4, 215 pounds...MLK High School, Lithonia, GA

Notes...projects as an academic qualifier, turned down heavy pressure from in-state Georgia to commit to State...wants to major in Computer Science

Strengths...great motor, tremendous pursuit, defensive end frame with linebacker speed, very good instincts and knowledge of game

Weaknesses...somewhat undersized, needs time to develop into complete defensive end

Impact in 2012?...needs to get bigger and redshirt would be best case but the talent level is there to play

Tyler Knox...6-4, 225 pounds...Myrtle Beach (SC) High School

Notes...has work to do academically, MVP at north south all-star game in South Carolina, attended NC State's camp but fell sick and missed most of workouts

Strengths...very athletic and agile, pursues well, explosive

Weaknesses...needs to continue to add size and develop physically

Impact in 2012?...redshirt

Desmond Owino...6-5, 235 pounds...Sanderson High School, Raleigh, NC

Notes...has work to do academically, still learning English language

Strengths...tremendous natural ability, great frame and motor, no bad habits

Weaknesses...extremely raw, got by in high school on athletic ability, much to learn about playing football at high level

Impact in 2012?...redshirt

Joe Wright...6-6, 230 pounds...Rose High School, Greenville, NC

Notes...projects as an academic qualifier, earned Pack offer after showing at camp

Strengths...Good frame and size and moves well, great straight line speed, physical

Weaknesses...develop every down consistency, improve explosiveness

Impact in 2012?...redshirt

Did the Pack meet their needs based on sheer numbers and landing primary targets: A+

The Pack missed on: Noah Spence (Ohio State), Alex McCalister (Florida), Romeo Okwara (Notre Dame)

How many may the Pack target for the class of 2013: (1-2)

Early 2013 major targets: Lewis Neal, Jon Allen, Dane Rogers, Justin Akins

Scouting Report (NC State recruiting coordinator Jerry Petercuskie)

I think the perimeter defensive line especially (was a priority). We got four guys that are all a little bit different. They all have the ability in terms of rushing the passer. They're all long, to start with, and that's something we really wanted to do. We haven't had that since Willie Young left. Other than Willie we really haven't had the ability to rush the passer from the edge. So, those guys all have that talent.

Joe Wright
I think Joe is a young, young football player. He's very raw. He came to camp. If you maybe just look at his tape- he played some offense as a junior, played some offense and defense as a senior- you're going to say, okay. He'll mix it up. He's physical on the football field because you still have to do the physical part of things when you put on the tape. Once the pads and helmets are on, will he hit you, will he stay after you, is he an aggressive guy? Once you see that then you have something you like and say okay, he has all the ability that we like. I mean, Joe is just scratching the surface. He's tall. He can run and he may the ability to move inside on occasion. But he can also play that seven technique where he can line up on the tight end and really be a dominant player versus the tight end.

Kenderius Whitehead
Kenderius is a leader. He's a guy that comes on, he's very mature. As a conversationalist, he's a guy that can sit down and talk about a lot of different things. He's a very bright kid. Obviously, physically he's a more progressed guy. You see him on tape he knows how to dip and drive and be able to set up a pass rush already as a high schooler. Combine that with his physical skills and he has a chance to be a pretty good player.

Desmond Owino
It's like when you look at the NFL some times. You see a basketball forward and they turn him into a tight end. That's the kind of kid you see in Desmond. He's got unbelievable heart, motor, all those things that are just innate in him. I mean, he runs after you until the whistle blows and he shows toughness. The rest of the stuff obviously is the coachability that he has. He's willing to listen to you. And again, he's a charismatic type personality.

Tyler Knox
Tyler competed early in camp and then got sick. So he ended up standing around for a lot of the camp. Again, it's a combination of things and it's always a piece of the puzzle. Camp is a huge piece of the puzzle and then when you put on the tape you see him playing the game the way it's supposed to be played. He plays with a high motor. He brings the same kinds of things to the table as far as being able to rush the passer.

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