VIDEO: Pack Players Talk ACC Tourney

ATLANTA, GA -- Lorenzo Brown and several other NC State players discuss the ACC Tournament with the media.

"I feel like it's kind of like the playoffs. It brings the best out. Everybody wants to win and it brings a little more excitement to the game."

"We lost some games, but it wasn't the end of the world. We realized that we had to keep playing."

"We all feel like as a team and as coach said, we can win this tournament... we're coming in to win it."

"It's an amazing opportunity for us right now."

"We're excited to be here."

"I think we've improved on our defense a lot."

"Hopefully I have a whole group of friends coming to watch me play. I love my city of Atlanta and it's great to be here."

"There is a lot. I have a lot of friends and family coming."

"Our whole season came down to them telling us to play through everything."

"It's a huge opportunity. I feel like the start of the ACC Tournament is a clean slate for us."

"Just holding the ACC Trophy, getting a feel of it."

"It's tough, anytime you play a team three times. I've been thinking about it."

"We know that we are on the bubble, but there are a lot of teams right there. If we can come in here, play hard and try to win this thing anything can happen."

"Nobody wants a consolation prize."

"A little bit of therapy and talking to family."

"They have a lot of 3-point shooters on the court the entire game."

"It's just a fun environment to be around. We're excited to be here."

"I feel we can win, we can win the whole thing. We didn't come down here for any other reason."

"Boston College is a tough opponent. They beat Florida State at home."

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