Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

ATLANTA, GA -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Pack's 67-64 over Virginia.

Alex Johnson

"This was a huge game for us... I think they had us 0-5, 0-4. It feels good to finally get over the hump."

"We've been waiting for this game. We've always come so close and the result just wasn't what we expected."

"It was a huge weight off our shoulders."

"C.J. has been phenomenal."

"There is a rivalry between Tobacco Road and this is our third chance. They say third time is a charm so."

C.J. Leslie

"It's a big step. He is a great player, of course, but to get it done and win this game is a great step for us."

"He's definitely put me in situations to score the ball and he tells me all the time to be a leader."

"Definitely. It's going to be a great game."

DeShawn Painter

"Every game in this tournament is real big for us."

"We got a second chance to play with them and we showed we were the better team this time around."

"It felt so good to beat them because we've been wanting them."

"We just want to win an ACC championship."

C.J. Williams

"There is an added intensity to the game."

"We were just fighting and fighting, making it a war."

"He's playing phenomenal. I don't know if there is any other player in the country playing as well as [Leslie] is right now given his responsibilities for our team."

"I don't think anybody in the country can guard him side-to-side when he faces them up in the post."

"He's a great player... defensive player of the year. We kind of want him to play. You don't want to give a team an excuse."

"He's definitely a matchup problem because of his length and size."

Richard Howell

"We kept our heads up. We had a lot of plays that didn't go our way, a lot of shots that didn't go our way, but we left it all on the floor."

"He's one of the best mid-range shooters in the country to me."

"We wanted to take advantage of the type of offense coach Gottfried put us in."

"It's crazy. I contribute it all to coach Gottfried because he's maturing. When you see a kid like that mature it's beautiful to watch them grow like that."

"To me Lorenzo is the best point guard in our conference. He can get his own shot but he can also create for others."

"Just to be in the discussion is great, but we're not satisfied... we're coming to win this tournament."

Scott Wood

"We knew that if they were going to beat us we wanted to make sure we were playing our best."

"We've played this teams that are really good... we just haven't got over that hump and I think today it felt like we started to scratch the surface."

"The main thing for me is if we can scratch and claw and win this tournament I don't have to worry about anybody voting and judging us."

"I think they are the best team in the nation."

Lorenzo Brown

"I just tried to use my size to my advantage. He's probably one of the quickest guys I've played against. He's a great defender."

"It's an amazing thing for us right now. We do a lot of shooting during practice and we work our tails off."

"This game was a big win for us, a confidence booster."

"I want to congrats to Kendall. He broke the record, that's amazing."

"I'm just ready. They are a good team, but we're coming to get this W."

"Every player has that struggle during the season where they are not hitting shots, and coach just told me to keep my focus and keep pushing our team."

"I'm playing like I should play."

"Coach told me a point guard is supposed to be vocal. Last year I was a quiet guy but this year I feel like I should be controlling the game."

"Once he gets going it is hard to stop him. I just want to see him make it big."

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