NC State Postgame Press Conference

ATLANTA, GA -- NC State's Mark Gottfried, CJ Leslie, and Lorenzo Brown met with the media after the Pack's win over Virginia on Friday afternoon.

Mark Gottfried:
"I'm tremendously proud of my team. We've improved from the beginning of the year and we are getting better - I think we're still improving."

"Now this team is learning how to execute their offense late game, tough situation. Get defensive stops at a tough time."

"Tough, grinding win against a really good team and a hard team to play against with the way they play. Our guys stepped up."

"Scott's shot I thought gave us some pep in the step going to the locker room that we didn't have. I thought it was a big play by him."

"I think we deserve to play in the NCAA Tournament."

CJ Lesie:
"Sometimes you have to play through adversity. I just had to keep it going - continue to play hard without getting fouls."

"Coach has done an amazing job with me in keeping me in the game and telling me I can do it and sticking with me through all the tough times I had."

"I can't say I've done it on my own."

Lorenzo Brown:
"I just tried to help this team as much as I can - to help this guy [CJ Leslie] as much as I can."

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