Gottfried: "We Came Up A Little Bit Short"

ATLANTA, GA -- NC State's Mark Gottfried, CJ Leslie, and Lorenzo Brown met with the media after the Pack's loss to North Carolina on Saturday afternoon.

Mark Gottfried:
"Well, obviously first, I'm proud of my team. I think that their effort was just amazing. And we are disappointed tremendously."

"We had to overcome a lot of foul trouble, we had to fight through a lot of different things in the game but our kids never quit. They battled with tremendous heart."

"We came up a little bit short. When I think of the game, I just think of how proud I am of our guys."

"The other bigs had four fouls as well so we were in a quandary either way. We were in a tough situation there."

"He was going to have a hard time playing the rest of the game without one more foul anyway."

"Our guys have never quit, they've played really hard."

"We've got better. I think we've improved a lot. We're a much better team right now."

"I think Alex Johnson has played really well."

"I believe we're a NCAA Tournament team, but I'm not on the committee. Our team has earned the right to play in the tournament."

"I think North Carolina is a #1 seed, they have earned it. We were toe-to-toe and had a chance to win the game, in a position to win."

"I think our players have proven that we are going to be a tough out if we're fortunate enough to get in it."

"I thought we defended them pretty well. They probably looked at a couple of different options."

"I thought Alex did a really good job defending him. A really good job. Unfortunately he made a really tough shot."

"We came to win the championship, that's why we are so disappointed."

Lorenzo Brown:
"We knew that we had to step it up the best way we could. We didn't have the defensive presence down there with CJ and his blocked shots and athleticism. Richard did a good job of stepping up."

"[Alex] told me that the guy was on my hip, but I really didn't feel anything, so he kind of paused and I turned around to see if the guy was there. When I turned around, he passed me the ball. It just went out of my hands."

"I know when he is out of the game my team needed me to step up at the time and I feel like I could have scored anytime I wanted to with Barnes and other guys on me. It just came to me."

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