Gottfried: "It Should Be A Fun Game"

RALEIGh, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following today's practice at the Dail Center.

Mark Gottfried

"Sunday night was big for our program, and our players enjoyed that night. They've earned their way in, I've said that a number of times. I do believe that."

"Now after a couple of days you get yourself together and we go back to work. We've got to get ourselves ready to play. Today was a good day. I think we did that."

"I felt like we would get in, but as the show went on I, like everybody, started to get nervous."

"If this ends unpleasantly... what do I say? C.J. Williams, you could see he was excited with a lot of emotion. That was fun."

"When they sub they can play a bigger lineup and play [Jamaal Franklin] more at the three. They start the game with him more at the four, I think they feel more comfortable with him at the four because he is a tough matchup. If they can get away with it defensively it really helps them offensively."

"Teams that have hurt them around the basket have forced them to play big and pushed him to the three. They are a little more traditional then."

"I think at times the way [Travis] McKie is used, [is like how SDSU uses Jamaal Franklin]. Franklin is just a different player but very similar in [how he is used]."

"It's going to be a number of guys. I think that Calvin can guard him, C.J. Williams. I think the way Lorenzo Brown defended Harrison Barnes at times was very impressive too. Depending upon the other matchups on the floor there could be a time when Lorenzo guards him. It's going to be by committee."

"When the ball goes in the air, it's a basketball game. Prior to that, the attention with the media, the press conferences, the fans... all of that is a little different."

"At the same time you've got to go up there and play basketball."

"For a guy like Scott Wood it's a little bit like getting out of jail. He's free... he can move around. They don't necessarily know everything we are doing like everybody in our league does, so that is a positive."

"We like to try and run, when we have our opportunities we're going to try and run."

"It should be a fun game for fans to watch."

"I'm not worried about C.J. Williams, but he needs to play better. It's as simple as that... he's had a lot of good looks lately but they haven't went down. I do think he'll play better."

"I think the tournament gives everybody mentally a fresh start."

"I think [C.J. Leslie and Lorenzo Brown] both have improved greatly, they are playing their best when their best is needed. That's always important, and I still think they can improve a lot more. I'm hard on those guys."

"I think their player inside, Shelton, is a very good defender. He is very smart in how he plays."

"I think Richard will hopefully have a good game."

"We've got to stay in foul trouble. We've been so much better when we haven't had foul trouble."

"Virginia would be the epitome of that grind team... it's hard to speed those teams up. San Diego State wants to run, they will take some quick shots. We will too."

"I appreciated his comments. He was speaking from his heart and I do think he has improved a great deal this year. I'm excited for where he is with his game right now and I see so much room for growth still. That was kind of him."

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