Pack Preparing For Aztecs

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Several NC State players met with the media prior to taking the floor for their open practice in Nationwide Arena.

Lorenzo Brown

"Don't turn the ball over. They are a quick team and that's pretty much our goal right now, keep the ball in our hands and run our sets."

"Syracuse's bigs are basically guards, I'd say Syracuse [is like SDSU]."

"The key to their team is Jamaal Franklin... we watched the film on him and he's a pretty good player."

Scott Wood

"I don't really have a clue, I know we're going to go out here and practice in a second, but after that I'm not sure what coach has planned for us."

"They are a team that likes to get up and down, really get after it. They are really good offensively. People say they are a little undersized but they are really athletic and that makes up for it."

"I'd say the game, that's kind of the reason you come here, to play the game... hopefully we can come out with the outcome I'd like to have."

"Right now we're playing our best basketball."

DeShawn Painter

"We haven't watched as much film... but we know they are an uptempo team. We're really excited to play up against them. It's a great opportunity for us. They are a great team."

"A lot of us haven't been int his situation before so it's an amazing year and amazing experience, but we want to keep moving forward."

"It's a great opportunity."

Alex Johnson

"Just get used to the arena. I think guys are still just overwhelmed... it can be overwhelming so we want to switch gears and get ready for San Diego State on Friday."

"I'm just trying to fill my role on this team."

"Some games they need me to shoot my jumper, some games they need me to facilitate, some games they need me to lead."

"I'm trying to be the best teammate I can."

"For me, it doesn't matter, the ball, the site. I'm going to shoot... just keep shooting."

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