O'Brien Talks First Spring Practice

RALEIGH, NC -- Tom O'Brien spoke with the media on Friday evening about the Pack's first spring practice and of course a little basketball.

Tom O'Brien

On the first day
"There's enough experience out here that I think things run smooth. You can tell the guys that have played they are a little more confident than the guys that haven't. All in all a good start."

On the linebacker situation
"There's always concerns [about linebacker]. There's concerns about every position. The question is after today's practice can we do better tomorrow? We've got to get better each and every day."

On Sterling Lucas
"First thing you have to do is you have to get lined up and you have to be headed the right direction. Sterling [Lucas] was a de facto coach last year and he knows the defense as well as anybody and that's a great plus for the defense right now."

O'Brien's prediction for the Pack's Sweet 16 game against Kansas
"We're gonna win. How's that?"

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