VIDEO: Leslie On Loss, Future

ST. LOUIS, MO -- NC State's C.J. Leslie said even though he's not that happy at the moment, the team has something to be happy about because of their season. Leslie talked about the loss and his future in this video feature.

"I just try to do whatever I need to do for my team to win and put my team in the best position."

"Just learning my role and stepping up to be a leader."

"I'm not that happy right now, but to know that I did a little bit and got my team further than we did last year and we got a lot better, we've got something to be happy about."

"We came to win, make no mistake about it. We thought we were a team that could win this thing."

"We did a lot of things good. We have a lot of things to work on."

"That's the least on my mind right now, I'm just concentrating on this loss. I'll go back I guess and finish up school and talk with my family, sit down with coach Gottfried and come up with the best decision for me."

[On if the recruiting class and returning players will factor into his decision]: "Definitely, definitely."

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