Wolff Has High Expectations

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Redshirt senior safety Earl Wolff talks with Pack Pride about the start of spring practice in this Q&A.

How does it feel to kick off spring practice?
It was just a blessing for God to allow us to come together one more time and let us come out here as a team and compete and continue to get better.

Have you noticed any big changes with your new strength and conditioning coach?
Coach Edmond, he's a great strength and conditioning coach just like coach Rice was. We do things a little differently now. Like, right now we haven't been doing as much conditioning as with coach Rice because he wants us to get in the groove of learning his system when it comes to lifting so I'm just glad to have him on the team.

With three new guys at linebacker, do the defensive backs feel like they need to step it up to give those guys a chance to come along?
As a matter of fact we were talking about that on the sidelines when we came out, how we're glad to have this spring because those guys have a lot to learn. Basically we have to learn more so we can help them more because this is the their first time starting. It's going to take a minute for them to learn but by the end of the spring they should be good both mentally and physically and that'll have them more ready for camp and the season.

The secondary had a very good season last year. As a group, what do you do for an encore?
The thing is, when you look at the stats, it looks good but when you watch film and coach Reed evaluates us, it doesn't look as good as we thought it did. That humbles us and lets us know we can get a lot better. We just need to build on that and try to get better this season.    

Is there one guy on defense that might surprise some people?
If Brandon Pittman gets it down mentally, he's going to be a great player. He's real athletic. A lot of people haven't seen what he can do but he's got a lot of talent. We've been working with him starting last year even though he didn't get much playing time. But just watching him grow as a player, he's going to be very surprising.

After two straight bowl wins, can NC State take the next step?
One year we came up just a little short of the ACC championship and I felt like we could've played in the ACC championship this year but we're going to try to break the limit. Instead of getting eight or nine wins, we want to get 10 or more. It's a lot of work but we know we can do it as a team.

How important is the chemistry among the secondary?
It's very important. As much as we're around each other. Instead of just being on the field, we do a lot of stuff together off the field. We go do things just to build that chemistry. During the game I know they've got my back. It's not about being just a teammate. Those guys are like my brothers so we're just going to try to build on it.

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