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Daily Web Run * Friday

Yesterday's AP leak of a possible ACC invitation for Virginia Tech has caused quite the stir with the sports writers today. Caulton Tudor especially seems irritated: <i>"Twelve-team basketball leagues barely function. If the ACC winds up with 13 or 14 members, it might as well be operating an ongoing NIT."</i>

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Virginia Tech may face tough decision about ACC
The Associated Press

ACC has harmed itself
Caulton Tudor * News & Observer

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Bill Cole * Winston-Salem Journal

ACC leaders plan to travel while vote remains on hold
Tim Peeler * News & Record

Va. Tech ponders options
Rob Daniels * News & Record

'Brilliant stroke' might clear expansion hurdle
Al Featherston * The Herald-Sun

Will Plan B work? Stay tuned
Frank Dascenzo * The Herald-Sun

Virginia Tech belonged all along
Scott Fowler * Charlotte Observer

Va. Tech starts slow on expansion
Times News

Will ACC dance the Hokie pokey?
Steve Phillips * High Point Enterprise

ACC tradition may be lost cause
The Baltimore Sun

Va. Tech may shift balance in ACC
Craig Barnes * South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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