Dean Bonham -Consultant on ACC expansion "> Dean Bonham -Consultant on ACC expansion ">

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<b>Its not about the money:</b> "Let me make it clear that I am not recommending expansion for economic reasons, because in the short term the economic impact on the ACC would not warrant expansion. The reason for expansion is that the ground is moving under the collegiate world today. In order for the ACC to be positioned so they can help affect change, they need to be one of the major conferences in the collegiate world." <i>Dean Bonham -Consultant on ACC expansion</i>

It's official: Powell done at State
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One Of The Best Years Ever For The Pack
Lee Fowler * Director of Athletics, NC State University

Film Session - QB Lee Bujakowski
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Bright Focuses on Academics and Game

ACC's Swofford in a rush to expand
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ACC says expansion isn't about money
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ACC to talk, may vote
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Two votes should get extra look
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Virginia Tech officials discuss possible ACC invitation
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ACC ponders adding Va. Tech
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Consultant says expansion about power, not money
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Moeser prefers just Miami
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Attention turns to Hokies
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Virginia Tech belonged all along
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