Miller has a Great Time at Local Camps

Individual and Team Football camps allow college coaches to work with prospects on a personal level while giving instructional advice. <p> One propect recently camped at NC State and UNC, and had a great time at both schools.

"The camps were great," Gerard Miller told StateFans. "I got to experience 1-on-1 with the coaches and learn a lot. Both are real good coaching staffs and although I was at Carolina three days and State only one, I learned alot at both."

While camping at NC State, Miller spent some time with a familiar face, Greensboro (NC) Dudley Defensive Tackle Demario Pressley.

"Yea, I already knew Demario so it was cool getting to spend some time with him. I met him before at Tom Lemming's ESPN Photo Shoot, and he's a cool guy."

Not only was he bumping into other high school prospects, but Gerard also talked to a couple of current NC State players too.

"I talked to TA a little bit. He's a big dude and it was fun talking to him. He came from a 1-A program and did his thing as a freshman, so you have to give him his credit now. I remember when people were saying he couldn't do what he did in high school in college, but he proved all them wrong."

Gerard spent his camp week at UNC for three days (Wednesday to Friday) and was in Raleigh for NC State's 1st day of individual camp on Monday.

"I did pretty well on the field at the camps and all the coaches said so. At Carolina we ran the 40 on turf so all our times were off, but I ran a 4.8 on wet grass at State. I was also measured in at 6-foot-3 and 262 pounds. All the schools recruiting me are now saying I may be a defensive tackle in college if I still growing and that doesn't both me at all."

Next year Miller thinks will be a pivotal season for both in-state programs.

"Carolina has a tough schedule and teams may slack up against them, so I could see them winning a few games that people may think they won't. They will be young and it could be a tough year but they are bringing in some help. State could be the best team in the league next year and right now every team wants to beat them because they have came up alot. After beating a team like Notre Dame and winning the Gator Bowl they are definitely on the rise and just need to keep winning every year now."

Gerard currently has offers from NC State, UNC, ECU, and a verbal offer from Florida State. He's in no rush to decide and has no favorite.

"My dad grew up a Carolina fan and I think he might want me to go there, but he's leaving it up to me. It will be my choice, but they will be there for me when I choose where I want to go. I'm going to just take my time and decide when I'm ready, but all the schools are on me hard."

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