O'Brien: "We Took A Step Back"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media today to update spring practice.

Tom O'Brien

"We're a little more than a third of the way, we had been making progress, but I think we took a step back today. Guys didn't seem ready to come out to work. They got going as we got going through practice. We have to have more consistency to be good."

"The defense put in a couple of new things today and a couple of guys blew gaskets, that's all part of it. You've got to test them and see if they can learn week-to-week."

"It's all a part of the process and you want to do it now so they can be better by August."

"We had [Daryl Cato-Bishop] gain weight because we had him playing inside and he did that, so when we moved him back outside in the middle of the year he needed to get a little bit lighter to get quicker and better. So he's lost his weight and worked hard in the strength and training area."

"I don't think we'll know about [the linebackers] until we get through the August practice. We planned on losing one, not three. Things have changed and guys are being rushed into playing a little sooner than we thought the situation may be. Certainly [Jon Tenuta] is the right guy to be coaching them, he'll get them lined up, and we'll get them going the right way hopefully."

"Bryan is taking a step forward. He's one guy that really... he had a really good day today. The challenge then is to see if you can do it Thursday. That's what we want.... he is a different kid this spring than he's been anytime since he's been here. The track thing may have helped his confidence a little bit and academically he is on top of things which we had to pound him a little for in the past. It seems like he has grown up a lot."

"I guess there were great rumors [Mustafa Greene] was kicked off the team, but there is nothing new that way."

"We got to create some depth [at linebacker]. That's been our problem in our injury years. The third year here we had no depth and had to play walk-ons. Last year we had to play depth, they were scholarship kids but they were not ready to play."

"That is one situation going into the fall, whoever the three guys are they are going to have to stay healthy for us to have success because I don't know if we are going to have quite the experience or depth behind them."

"[Camden Wentz] is a tough kid... [the offensive line is] the only spot on the football field where you are going to get smashed on every play."

"If they are the best, if they come in and learn it, that's the hardest thing, our defense isn't the easiest thing to learn. For most kids they are in the third year of the way we played the last two. There is a lot to learn now."

"They will come in the 28th of June and won't have any time to do anything until August. I think we report the 31st or 1st of August, whatever day we start they will have 30 days to learn everything."

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