Daily Web Run * Monday

ACC expansion continues to lead the news for Monday. The top story has to be Rutgers' athletic director, Robert Mulcahy, promoting the idea of Miami to the ACC scenario. Meanwhile Big East attorneys claim the ACC is "completely stymied and in disarray, rudderless and leaderless". ACC lawyers fired back that the Big East is "heavy on rhetoric and grandstanding and light on substantive developments." All this and more in this edition of the Daily Web Run.

2003 Chavis League Players and Schedule

Josh McRoberts visits with Pack Staff
Dave Telep * The Insiders

ACC expansion rhetoric heats up
Associated Press

ACC takes its time
Barry Svrluga * News & Observer

Connecticut attorney general slams ACC
Rob Daniels * News & Record

Expansion timeline
Neil Amato * The Herald-Sun

Big East lawyer accuses ACC of stalling lawsuit
Neil Amato * The Herald-Sun

Rutgers athletic director proposes new ACC expansion compromise
Associated Press

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