Spring Practice Q&A: Dana Bible

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State offensive coordinator Dana Bible spoke exclusively with Pack Pride about how the offense is progressing during spring drills and what he's expecting from quarterback Mike Glennon in his second season as the Wolfpack's starter.

We noticed some interesting wide receiver groupings last week, can you talk some about how Rashard Smith, Tobais Palmer and Bryan Underwood can present matchup problems for defenses?
We're working different combinations, we're trying to put ourselves in position to be most effective. We feel like we can give defenses some problems, not only with speed and quickness.

You are going to have to cover the whole field with us, wide receivers, tight ends and our backs.

What I do know about [Tobais, Bryan and Rashard] is that they are explosive, very, very fast players. And that's a good thing for us.

Is there a similar feeling with your group of tight ends?
Yeah, it still has the same kind of characteristics as we've had, even though George Bryan is gone. We're going to be physical at the point of attack, but we will always feature the tight end in the passing game. We will throw to all of our tight ends.

What sort of progression have you seen from Mike Glennon since the end of the season until now? What sorts of things did you want him to work on?
I don't think you can really measure just how significant is it to have a year of actually playing under your belt. When you come back, you know that you have a whole different level of command of the offense. You have a whole different command and understanding of what the defense is trying to do.

That game within the game that goes on all the time, we always talk about having the answer before the defense even asks the question. That's the thing that jumps out with a veteran quarterback.

It's physical, it's mental, it's emotional. It is all the components, you just have a different player on the field and it really expresses itself. Quite honestly, we're working hard to get the group around Mike to match him.

Is Mike more vocal this year because of that?
Yeah, he's never lacked for that. I think part of the situation in years past is that he was still trying to figure it out himself. It's a lot easier to be forceful and demonstrative when you know, when there is genuine confidence.

What needs to happen for that group to be able to match Mike?
Practice. It's a matter of developing, like always. That's college football. There is always some part of your offense that is not experienced or not deep. That's why college football is so exciting, because you can always count on change somewhere.

There are some groups that are veteran and some groups that aren't, and you have to get them to mesh. That's the challenge of college football.

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